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    Hi everyone, just got a couple of quick questions about grass fed beef. I'm living in the UK if that changes anything.

    1) Is there a preferred breed of cattle? I can get quite a good price on Dexter Beef, but there are other varieties like Aberdeen Angus and wasn't sure if there was any nutritional benefit. I was thinking of going for cheaper cuts like mince / braising steak etc, or what would you guys recommend? Just looking for quick easy meals with grass fed beef, and I cant afford to buy fillet stakes to eat 10x per week.

    2) Is it good to eat beef every day? I was probably going to be eating it for lunch AND dinner since I'm buying in bulk.

    3) A little bit of a different topic - making a whey isolate shake with coconut milk - how much of the milk do you guys use? There is no nutritional info on the tin (that I can read )

    Thanks a lot!

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    2) It's fine to eat beef everyday, eat it until you're sick of it.


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      Thanks for the reply. Awesome, I will do that!