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how do you order your purchases?

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  • how do you order your purchases?

    i want to start pb to fight some health conditions and i find it hard to arrange all the things in my mind.
    at the moment im working next to a marketplace(real one) and i may move to live very soon to it, so i can buy vegtables and fruits daily/every 2nd day.
    first, what products you should have at your home to start with? (like coconut oil ect....), what products that are basic to alot of dishes and last long would you recommend of buying before starting primal? is there a list somewhere?

    i thought of buying meat 1 time a week, and just buy nuts on the market whenever, but there sure are basic things i should have and buy now, no?
    im not sure how to start..

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    seriously, I eat a can of tuna at least 3 days a week.

    EVCO (extra virgin coconut oil)
    EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)
    a well stocked spice cabinet
    --Trish (Bork)


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      I started by first avoiding all grains and legumes. Breakfast was eggs, lunch and dinner were whatever, just minus the bread. I ate lots of nuts in the beginning as it was an easy, crunchy snack. I started baking w/ almond and coconut flours to replace grain based goods. Olive oil replaced vege oils and I already was using butter. I looked for recipes on primal sites (like this one) when I ran out of ideas. Don't worry about being perfect, just start and learn as you go. Add coconut oil as you get some and learn what you like it with. Some eat it by the spoon, but I just can't get past my fat phobia and only cook with it. Cooking from scratch really teaches you about ingredients and gives you control of quality. Keep an eye out for grass fed ground meat ant the stores and search out farms in your area or join a CSA. Don't worry about how to start, just start. Make the best of a situation (like stuck at a sandwhich joint and needing to eat) - learn from your mistakes and move on. Welcome to feeling better and the many other things you will learn on this journey!


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        For tuna I buy this stuff @ BJ's. Products

        The only canned tuna I've found w/o added crap. I think Wal-mart carries it as well.

        I have Native Forest coconut milk on autoship from Amazon as well.
        Wheat is the new tobacco. Spread the word.


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          can you help me make a list of basic stuff that arent purchased weekley?
          for example canned fish, coconut oil, spices, olive oil.
          unlike vegetables, fruites, meat.


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            keep bacon and eggs stocked.

            what is just as important is what you don't have on hand, which means you should destroy all the evil foods in your pantry.