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  • Pantry/Fridge Staples and Toddler Ideas

    Hi all! I thought I would come out of hiding and ask about what everyone has on hand in their fridge/pantry at all times. I am just starting out in primal and we have been going to Earthfare every few days (so shopping for grocery 2x a week) and I am finding that I end up still giving my kids grains and stuff (they are 2 yr old twins). I can give them bacon and eggs but when we have something like steak they won't/can't eat it (if it's too chewy). I also find that I have bacon/eggs and whatever is for dinner on hand plus some nuts and fruit. But I was kind of asking to find out what to keep on hand, what freezes well, so that I can have some variety and quit going to the store so often. Plus anyone with toddler friendly ideas that freeze well or are quick would be much appreciated!

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    ha im actually i the same boat, i have twin two year old boys, so far ive found that its hard to keep them on the plan. Mine love meat and veggies but still want fruit gummis and ice cream.
    All ive really found to do is to keep an empty box of junk food so you can show them that you dont have any, and try to limit how much they get.
    I try and cut up an season most of there foods to where they can eat them as finger foods, they seem to eat better when they can hold it themselves
    Mine seem to like ground turkey and veggies and beef jerky so I try and keep both in the fridge for quick reheating.

    My secret weapon though is "french fries"
    i cut mushrooms in strips, drop them in an egg wash [no dairy just beaten eggs], completley coat them in almond meal and fry in evoo


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      The Everyday Paleo cookbook covers some great kid stratagies. Since you can't feed them what you don't have, stop buying the crap foods. Simply state that "this is what we have" and don't make a big deal about it. Uncured beef or bison dogs, ground meat and healthy lunch meat (like applegate farms brand) work well for us. There are also many primal treats you can bake/make to give them instead. Try for some good ones. While we have no grains in our house, sugar is a much tougher issue. I limit it quite a bit, but let my son have a sucker here and there and ice cream at times also. I buy a natural type ice cream to limit the additives they hide in our food and cook most everything from scratch. I have also put a touch of honey on salmon to get my son to try it. He loved it. The next time, he ate it plain. It's a long road to grow little people, so I just do my best each day and don't worry about being perfect. They will develop a taste/tolerance for healthier food just by limiting the junk they eat.


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        Grace, my 3yo, is constantly asking for "papu" (lunchmeat), cheese, cow milk, Greek yogurt, and fruit. She likes veggies too. She also enjoys shrimp, scallops, and chicken, and loves burgers (bunless of course)
        --Trish (Bork)


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          Freezer: 1 year supply of grass-fed beef (1/2 cow) and pork (1 hog) bought from a local farmer; shrimps; 50% off sprouted grain bread (for husband and child); kefir grains (while I am deciding if I am going dairy free for good)

          Eggs and egg whites; All Natural Ham (bought 1x a week); mixed raw soaked and dried nuts (in a taped shut container); home-made nut butter in a VERY small jar; 3% no crap added yogurt (child); butter; cheese (hubby & child)

          Veggies (to make a colorful veggie plate): cucumber, celery, cabbage (red and green), yellow and red peppers, carrots, red onion. For stir-fries and mushes and soups: cauliflower and broccoli, mushrooms

          Juice, milk, broth and almond milk

          Shiritake noodles

          Once a week: fresh wild salmon fillet & a package of all natural hot-dogs (they get hot-dogs, I get liver) & poultry

          Wild sokeye cans; Tuna cans; Canned tomatoes & tomato paste; Canned cocnut milk; tasteless coconut oil; ev olive oil; tapioca starch; dry beans & lentils (small portions); 72% chocolate; honey, maple syrop, raisins; leftover rice, quinoa, buckwheat and millet for the guests. Baking supplies to do stuff for non-Paleo folks.

          onions, sweet potatoes

          Fruit: in-season fruit + bananas and 1 bulk fruit on stand-by (melon, mango, pinapple etc)

          My 5 yo will eat meat with gusto if it is cooked without spices and on its own (roast, steak, meatballs, burgers, boiled or roasted poultry, shrimps on sticks). She is scared away by spices, onions, garlic and the sauce-type complex dishes. She will eat sliced veggies in huge quantities with or without peanut butter dip (refuses any other nut butter), but not salads, and will eat fruit or fruit topped with yogurt. Will not eat sliced cheese often. Will eat boiled eggs or sunny side up eggs.
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            My 3 year old loves chicken. I cut it into cubes and call it chicken nuggets. He also eats pork loin - but he thinks it's reindeer meat. He wanted reindeer for dinner one night so I told him the pork chops we were eating were reindeer. He loves steak but I cut it up in tiny bites and that makes it easier for him to eat. Have you tried giving them elk instead of steak? It seems to be leaner and more tender. Ground beef works well too. I feed my son salad with veggies in a bowl with some shredded cheese on top and he loves that too. He eats all fruits and all veggies except beets and okra. Slices of turkey breast or roast beef spread with cream cheese and rolled up then cut into bite size slices. Hard boiled eggs. Use spaghetti squash to make "spaghetti".

            I do give him string cheese and nuts. He does get some junk food but not too much. Mostly when we are out and about or at preschool.


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              My daughter loves almonds, raisins and occassionally a larabar as a treat. Other than that she eats pretty normal stuff minus grains. Eggs and a banana for breakfast, goat milk/coconut milk blend, applegate farms roast beef for lunch or baked chicken, steamed broccoli, green beans, steamed carrots with kerrygold and cinnamon, squash with kerrygold, sweet potatoes with kerrygold (I find that she is way more apt to eat veggies if they are covered in kerrygold...I've caught her sucking all the butter off her veggies and putting them back on her plate before lol). Applegate Farms lunch meats are a lifesaver. She also eats yogurt, kerrygold cheese and fruit.

              My husband still eats sprouted bread or real fermented sourdough, so we give it to her sometimes. With kerrygold of course.

              Grassfed hamburger patties would be a good thing to keep on hand if you think they would eat it. Just be careful reheating them, they tend to get dry and yucky if you microwave them too long. 30 second intervals.
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                Oh, she's almost two. Forgot to mention that.