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Legumes - eat them or not?

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  • Legumes - eat them or not?

    I was fascinated to read this on Dr Harris' blog

    "I've deleted references to legumes other than avoiding soy and peanuts, as other legumes seem more and more benign to me."

    I've been reading Nourishing Traditions and wondered if soaking etc makes legumes a gain nutritionally rather than a loss?

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    I ate some chili yesterday with beans in it and it was delicious.


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      I think soaking just neutralizes the bad, but doesn't necessarily make them "good" but I still keep beans and lentils around because they're two things that matter to me when it comes to food:

      a) real food
      b) delicious

      added bonus: carb source so I'm not always stuck with potatoes and rice.

      See also: rice and beans.

      My mom and grandma before that both soaked all legumes, so I've not experienced bad from them like I did with grains. That being said, I don't really eat neither regularly, and lentils tend to give me the mild runs.
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        I believe legumes are a better choice than nuts, unless you are shhoting for super-low carb diet. I am planning to eat legumes relatively reguraly throughout the winter (once very couple of weeks), as it seems like an appropriate seasonal choice. The only problem as far as I can understand with the soaked legumes is still the antinutrient problem. However, legumes pack a much better nutritional punch compared to the grains, in the calories vs nutrients department.
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          Once I get to 'goal' weight/body I'm looking forward to incorporating lentils (and rice) a few times a month. Always soaked and fermented, since that's how they're prepared in my culture. Until then, no.