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  • Help please!

    Hi! I don't really post much here but I've read stuff and everyone seems very will informed and helpful. I seem to have a bit of a problem, and I was hoping somebody might be able to suggest a remedy or even just a cause. The thing is my digestive system is in bits:

    - Every so often I get massive pains in my abdomen from gas building up.

    (Warning: Next few points are not nice - Sorry!)

    - I burp a LOT and the burps always have a very strong smell like some chemical.

    - I 'pass wind' a LOT and that smells awful too.

    - My faeces are either very small little scutty things; liquid; mutant-like; a yellowish colour; or a mixture of these. They have been like this for a month or two.

    I eat a lot of fruit (Including apples, oranges, bananas and so on) because in my personal situation I won't be able to get enough kcals from meat etc.

    I eat potatoes (same reason).

    I don't know what's wrong with me. But it's not nice and it's probably best to try and fix the problem. Thanks very much for any help you can give. I'm kind of worried.



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    Give us some examples of your breakfast,lunch,dinner snacks etc


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      Not being a doctor, and not knowing enough about your history, it's impossible of course, to accurately diagnose. You should see your doctor, preferably a gastroenterologist to obtain a diagnosis.

      That being said, your symptoms sound very familiar to those I was experiencing a few years ago when I was diagnosed as having gastroparesis ( When your stomach is not emptying properly, a bolus forms, which is a hard ball mostly of cellulose, that begins to ferment and causes a lot of painful, smelly gas, closely resembling the smell of sulphur. Very embarrassing and uncontrollable.

      The standard recommendation is to manage any gastroesophageal reflux disease and substantially reduce the fiber in your diet. Eating a lot of raw fruit is definitely not recommended. If this is your diagnosis, they'll want to put you on a low residual diet ( of rice, plain cereals, canned fruit. Definitely not primal.

      When I was eating a low calorie, low fat diet to lose weight, the symptoms were markedly worse than what I experience now, eating a high fat, medium protein, easily digestible vegetable diet, no fruit at all, no grains or sugars. Foods like cabbage and Brussels sprouts need to be well cooked. You need to chew your food very thoroughly before swallowing.

      Please, go see your doctor and see if you can get a diagnosis. You shouldn't have to live with these symptoms. The "chemical" smell you describe is familiar to me, and if you have gastroparesis, it's not curable but it is controllable. Good luck!


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        try the paleo diet for 30 days. it should help/fix problem.


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          I'm a teenager so I'm relying on my parents food choices mostly. I have discussed it with them and they try to buy more primal foods for me but the 6 other people in the family who all eat non-primal foods get some priority. Thanks for the help. I'll look into gastroparesis and HCl deficiency.


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            Well if it turns out you have a medical condition then your parents may be more inclined to buy food for you.

            My digestion is definitely much better on a primal diet, but it was never that bad. Go see a doctor.