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Cutting dairy - whey?

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  • Cutting dairy - whey?

    On the suggestions of others I decided to cut dairy to see if it would help with body comp. Been doing ok for a few weeks - maybe leaning out a little, but its tough to say. The few times I've had some cheese or butter here or there no ill effects, so I'm pretty sure I'm not intolerant.

    One of the things I cut was a whey shake after crossfit. I've just been having water - and I have noticed that my performance is worse. Lots of other changes though too (new dog, less sleep, back to work - I'm a teacher).

    Just looking for thoughts on those avoiding dairy for weight loss rather than food intolerances if whey should go too. Thanks

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    Whey shake after exercise might actually be a good thing. Yes it is highly insulingenic (spikes insulin) but that actually can be a good thing after a workout - the insulin drives the protein in the form of amino acids, from the whey, into your muscles.

    I personally was able to lose most of my weight even without exercise by consuming primarily whey protein shakes in the morning and evening.

    Everyone is surely unique so don't take my experience as advice, but as a data point - whey protein shakes are not necessarily bad things that will stop weight loss.


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      You might want to try throwing egg whites in your shake instead of whey, that's what I do.
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