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fish allergy confusion

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  • fish allergy confusion

    I'm wondering if any of y'all nutrition geniuses has a similar allergy or any insights as to what mine might mean. For as long as I can remember, I've had allergies to some kinds of fish but not others, in ways that are not always consistent or predictable. I can eat all shellfish, so it's not an iodine/shellfish thing. The reaction I get is like a contact allergy of swelling, tingling, and itching, anywhere the fish touches (lips, throat, and down my esophagus - which i feel as an itching deep between my shoulder blades). The worst reaction is with fresh oily fishes like salmon or tuna. I can sometimes eat fresh white fishes (tilapia, flounder, etc.) without trouble but sometimes not, and there seems to be no rhyme or reason to when it's a problem and when it's fine. The really odd part is that I almost never have problems with canned fish - including canned tuna, sardines, anchovies, and sometimes canned salmon (I sometimes do react to canned salmon, though far less intensely than if it were fresh). Super processed fish like the stuff you'd get breaded from a fast food joint I can usually eat without any kind of allergic reaction too, but for obvious reasons try to avoid.

    I guess I'd mostly like to know what's up - like, who's ever heard of an allergy that gets better with more processing? It's like being allergic to whole peanuts but not to peanut butter. (okay, so that's maybe not the best metaphor, but you get the point) I'd like to continue incorporating fish into my diet. It's a cheap, accessible, easy source of protein. I find it least when I'm not suffering from the allergic reactions. But, I'm also wondering if I should start avoiding the canned stuff, on the grounds that if i'm allergic to it 'for real', maybe it's still affecting me adversely (contributing to inflammation?) but in a way that the curing/canning process masks somehow? Is it possible that there's something else going on? I should say that I've mentioned this to various allergy specialists I've seen over the years, but they haven't had any idea what's causing it.