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Omega 3's for lil ones

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  • Omega 3's for lil ones

    ok so my dd 5 takes omega chewie caps from nordic naturals.
    my ds 10mos takes nordic naturals drops DHA for babies.

    I was thinking of getting a big bottle of kids omega 3 in liquid for them. I see that for my daughter she would get a teaspoon, and I'm wondering if anyone knows how much I would give for my son? hes a big boy about 25lbs. (which is more then half my daughters weight) so you think half a teaspoon would be good?
    I just wanted to get some opinions before I spent the money I dont have lol.

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    I've got two sons age 4 and 2. They each get about 1 teaspoon of cod liver oil a day.


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      what brand do you use? any suggestion?

      I swear by the fish oil.. my dd didn't start talking untill she was about 1.5yrs old (way before I was eating as healthy as I do now) no mama or dada anything..
      I started giving her fish oil and she started talking with in 2 weeks.

      My son is 10 months old and now saying "hey bayyybee" to people he knows when he sees them. its hysterical


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        I use a local brand so can't help you with that but lots of groks here swear by it as well, so they should have some suggestions.


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          Can me and my children take the same suppliment? now that would really save some money!