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    I will be curious to hear your thoughts re: the BCAAs. I'm using them because Leangains recommends it when doing early morning/fasted training, but I can't say for sure whether it's making a difference or not.
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      I'll definitely report back! I work out fasted and then don't normally eat until 3 pm (during my 24 hr fasts) or sometimes 10 am if I am doing a 19/6 so I feel my workouts will hopefully benefit from this.


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        I'm 39, 5' 1, and have been stuck at around 130 for a long time. On a good day I get down around 127. I do tend to eat more carbs (usually in the form of fruit, some rice, and oh, chocolate) than many here but I can't function mentally at a low carb level. I do wight training 3x/week, Zumba 3 x/week, and walk a LOT.
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            Originally posted by gojirama View Post
            I'm 39, 5' 1, and have been stuck at around 130 for a long time. On a good day I get down around 127. I do tend to eat more carbs (usually in the form of fruit, some rice, and oh, chocolate) than many here but I can't function mentally at a low carb level. I do wight training 3x/week, Zumba 3 x/week, and walk a LOT.
            Chocolate cravings can be reduced by magnesium citrate so if you don't take that you should, even if you find it doesn't help with the cravings.


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              I have lost the last 10 and am getting to the point where I really don't want to lose any more. Some things I have found that have helped have been:

              - usually IF til noon - but I still drink tea with cream all morning, as much as I want
              - supplement 200 mg chromium - it regulates blood sugar and has done tons in terms of making me less hungry
              - make sure all my micronutrients are well covered - supplement what I need to be well nourished (I used the model at perfect health diet as a guide)
              - not super high fat - macros usually work out to about 1/3 of calories from each of fat, protein and carb
              - not VLC obviously - usually get additional carbs in the form of berries, bananas, yams, sweet potatoes or squash
              - did not completely cut out nuts dairy or fruit
              - dealt with diet related health issues - eliminated FODMAPs and nightshade foods, so tummy and joints are healthier - less inflammation makes losing the last bit easier

              I hope this is helpful to someone!

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                With IF-ing to people recommend breaking it with certain foods? Or are you just good to go with a standard primal meal?

                I'm currently around 25% bf and would love to get down to about 20% then see how I look/feel... I'm 5'10" and currently weigh about 166lbs.
                There does seem to be more stuff on this forum for the 'big losers' and coming in at what's regarded as a healthy weight I've struggled to really fine tune the diet as I'm not seeing big losses on the scales.
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                  Thanks for starting this thread Jen!!

                  I am definitely at an ok body weight myself, 5'6. around 120, but not going by weight. I'm really working on fine-tuning my body comp, lifting more, improving my workouts - just getting there is super slow at this stage. I do IF - got there from Leangains originally, which lead me here, and to lean saloon - I feel it just simplifies things. I do have coffee - one cup in the am with a splash of cream or black - I do usually workout fasted, 90% of the time, I have recently started implementing a once-a-week 40 hr fast, which is not a problem so far and seems to help. I never really was a sweets / dessert person, I don't miss it at all and if I want something sweet I find almond milk with flavored (no carb/sugar/all natural) whey protein blended w ice does the trick - natural strawberry or chocolate - I love Jay Robb's brand. as good as icecream to me. (I've never tried Martin's famous protein fluff, or making my own coconut milk icecream, though I would love to!) My weaknesses are cheese, pizza - which I JUST had for first time in literally months over the holiday weekend and it was a digestive disaster - and alcohol - mostly wine, never beer, sometimes tequila / rum / vodka with flavored soda water or that sort of thing but that is mostly because it is summer and there has been so much outdoor / city socializing going on! I've been lucky because my husband has been home visiting his family in Greece and so I've had a lot more freedom with my diet and sleep schedule (he normally works nights - and late) and I'm a little worried about how my schedule / eating will alter now. He loves homecooked food and I love cooking for him - but some of his favorites are definitely NOT primal or what I would normally eat, much as I love them! I feel like having a place for us folks with the last little bit of fine tuning to go would be great support, because it IS slow going and at this stage it is really easy to feel discouraged when you work so hard - but I DO feel overall that the best "diet" is not a diet at all but whatever lifestyle you can maintain your healthiest, best feeling self at, without a ton of sacrifice, or without giving up your social life etc. I know that I feel my best when I exercise regularly, especially in ways I truly have fun/enjoy, and eat real whole foods that make me feel my best. That's why I do feel primal blueprint, and leangains, and lean saloon are so helpful - and I appreciate all the science behind it and tooling around to find what works best for me. And everyone on here who offers such tremendous advice and support!


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                    Yay, Jen, great thread!

                    Definetly fit in the category. I weigh between 124 and 127 lbs, just about 20% BF and keep trying to get down to 15% BF, my Holy Grail. My current diet is very simple: grass-fed beef, pork, poultry (~ 1x every 2 weeks) and canned and broiled salmon, sometimes shrimps and canned tuna. Seasonal vegetables, seasonal fruit (no lomits, and no counting ratios, but generally closer to Paleo than to Primal, prefering lower fat, higher carb). A bit of honey on the lifting days. Lift 3x a week (Madcow 5x5), walk & stretch & steam-room as much as possible and do high impact variable cardio (HIIT: Zumba, spin or swim) when not tired & a kettlebell workout should the body permit.

                    Latest 'let's try it' things. There were a lot of changes for me in the past two weeks due to the drammatic schedule change.

                    ~ 2 months ago: stopped counting calories, and weighing myself daily, then weekly.
                    ~ 1 month ago: cut out dairy (before that made kefir and quark myself) + started using coconut oil + started adding post-workout meal as per IF (carb with a bit of protein, no fat)
                    ~ 3 weeks ago: reduced high impact cardio
                    ~ 1 week ago: increased IF from 14 hrs to 17-18 hrs and now it is a complete fast (before I drunk a cup of broth between 12th and 14th hour)
                    ~ 1 week ago: instead of 3 fasted morning lifting a week, I do non-fasted 1 late PM traing (3:45 pm), 1 - early PM traing (~ 1pm start) and 1 fasted morning training on Sunday, trying to fit with LG protocol
                    ~ 2 days ago: dropped sugar-free gum and artificial sweeteners

                    Next week plan:

                    Stop eating nuts on the 5 weekdays, only have nuts when out and about with the family.
                    Start taking a short afternoon nap 1x a week during the week to add to the sleep bank.
                    Start supplimenting fish oil + target 1 can of wild salmon 5 x a week

                    Long-term plan:

                    I will not weigh or measure myself. Just keep looking in the mirror, and when I see abs and no gut, well, I am there!!!
                    Researsh and rebalance O3 vs O6 (Choco has me convinced!)

                    Really long-term plan:

                    If nothing helps, a hard cut next June-July (Jillian Michaels style, steamed veggies and boiled proteins, and dandelion teas...) before going to the home country to see people I haven't seen for 13 years and who remeber me before childbirth and in early twenties, not late thirties (YAKES!!!!)
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                      Hey Leida!

                      I have not added coconut oil/milk really yet - I love the stuff but have not made it a staple. have you noticed a difference since adding it?

                      I also cut down on cardio in the last couple of weeks. For while t his summer I was doing a lifting session on my lunch break, and sometimes HIIT or cardio at night, and I walk a TON - I do dynamic stuff, body weight exercises, weights and some isolation routines. Kettlebells too, which I love. I enjoy lifting in some ways more than cardio - honestly I sort of dread HIIT but I was doing it on the Stairs of Doom which is SUCH a tough workout yet manageable because it is a small period of time and you sweat like crazy but then you are done. Since taking some more time between workouts I've noticed a big difference. Maybe I wasn't resting properly. I'm also really bad at carb-refeeds on heavy workout days and I feel that makes a huge difference in my recovery and ability to have a great workout. I need to be better about that. I love running and came into this lifestyle from an endurance runners' perspective but I always found when I was low-carbing that I would feel like absolute @#$% if I didn't have any carbs and would just crash. Since doing more lifting, this diet has been perfect and my body comp improved, and I think carb-cycling around what activities you do makes a huge difference and is absolutely worth it. I have also started cutting back on splenda/stevia/sugar free stuff and I think that also makes a difference. But I'm a bacon over dessert person so sugar hasn't really been a problem for me. I don't count calories - and it is a lot easier to do so IFing. I feel like most "regular" people would see it as an eating disorder, but on a daily basis I get my days worth of nutrients in and I feel such freedom from not being tied down to this mandated idea of "when I should" be eating along with everyone else...I'm going by my workouts, how I feel, when I'm actually hungry, and what I am actually hungry for. I cut out nuts because it was just too easy to overeat them for me...and if I have to make some swaps, I pick wine over nuts

                      I'm wondering if the coconut milk/oil is the next thing I should implement....I use coconut milk in curries etc but haven't branched out farther.

                      HIIT is by far the easiest for me with swimming. It just won't be possible after it gets cold here...having so much play time in the ocean and pools has been such a blessing, I never feel like I'm "working out" - I'm envious of people who get to live in warmer climates year-round. For the last 6 years I've always been a super healthy fit summer person, and then winter comes and I get overwhelmed by the dark/cold/misery of it and wind up gaining 10-15 lbs between not working out (not wanting to venture outside) and eating "comfort foods" - and living in sweaters and leggings so I don't even notice my weight gain, just feel really unhealthy usually come spring and step it up.

                      My variables to play with right now are adding coconut oil/milk, carb refeed benefits, and any new lifting programs that can get me to that next level. I don't want to sink back into the winter dolldrums. I eat nightshades. have lessened soy, sometimes have kefir or greek yogurt, and in general try to (don't always succeed) not analyze everything I do to death. I realize that is counterintuitive in some ways but I feel like Im a physical experiment lately so everything chalks up to something.


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                        Originally posted by Leida View Post
                        ~ 2 days ago: dropped sugar-free gum and artificial sweeteners
                        Depending on how much you ingest, it is not uncommon for people to see HUGE results when they are doing everything else right but still ingesting this stuff.

                        I agree on the nuts completely. My body absolutely doesn't do well when my O ratios are out of whack.


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                          Originally posted by Waskydiver View Post
                          Never underestimate the power of a coincidence.

                          It's easy to attribute a sudden break in a stall to that which you just happened to change last.

                          But, it's hard to ponder that cutting 560 calories (40 calories a day X 14 days) could result in a loss of 21,000 calories (6lbs X 3500).

                          Sure... cutting out artificial... well... anything is good advice. And this could possibly result in a measurable difference in water content. But, I really doubt you will drop 6 pounds of fat in 2 weeks like this.
                          Can't let this nonsense go unchallenged. Clearly, the change could have had a metabolic effect that enabled the body's homeostatic processes to reset. Never underestimate the complexity of the organism and the ability of toxins to mess it up
                          Four years Primal with influences from Jaminet & Shanahan and a focus on being anti-inflammatory. Using Primal to treat CVD and prevent stents from blocking free of drugs.

                          Eat creatures nose-to-tail (animal, fowl, fish, crustacea, molluscs), a large variety of vegetables (raw, cooked and fermented, including safe starches), dairy (cheese & yoghurt), occasional fruit, cocoa, turmeric & red wine


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                            Im definitely done w nuts. Such a trigger food for me. Ive also really cut back On fruit but not so sure that's the answer. MOnday is do or die!


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                              I'm at the point where I have just recently achieved my weight loss goals and so am transitioning from weight loss WOE to maintenance WOE. Main goals right now are to avoid rebound weight gain and to work on overall strength and muscle tone with the PBF. I'm trying to be a little bit more liberal with fats and carbs such as fruit (my neighbor keeps bringing me berries). I have quit counting calories but I still weigh myself daily. I don't see this as a big deal. I know it makes some people crazy but it really doesn't bother me. I seem to be stabilizing nicely.


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                                Originally posted by peril View Post
                                Can't let this nonsense go unchallenged. Clearly, the change could have had a metabolic effect that enabled the body's homeostatic processes to reset. Never underestimate the complexity of the organism and the ability of toxins to mess it up

                                OK... I have an open mind...

                                Describe this metabolic effect in which a change in 560 caolories can result in a loss of 21,000 calories of FAT. Do you actually know of a metabolic process which would make this happen, or are you just assuming that one person presented an anecdotal scenario, and therefore all complex organisms must behave according to this unknown principal?

                                Absent any empirical data, doesn't it make more sense to assume that PERHAPS the weight would have come off even if the 560 calories of artificial ingredients continued?

                                If someone says: I dyed my hair white, and the absense of pigment made me lose 6 pounds of fat, should we all go and dye our hair white?