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Ravenous hunger!?!

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  • Ravenous hunger!?!

    Hi all...

    I wrote a while back telling you about my husband's battles with peripheral neuropathy (in my mind, statin-induced or at least aggravated). You were all just wonderful and offered so much good advice.

    We are continuing on with PB, both of us, although I'm probably more "into it" than Peter (my husband) is -- more simply because he doesn't have the time to devote to it. But he eats what I give him and is trying to stick with it. He's even being a good sport about all the supplements I have him taking! Symptoms are still bad in so far as the neuropathy goes, but I don't think this is something that will go away overnight.

    I'm hoping you can help me with another question, again in respect of Peter's experience.

    He asked me this morning if "ravenous hunger" was a usual effect of the PB diet.

    I said I didn't think so -- I certainly hadn't experienced that, quite the opposite really. What did he mean?

    Well, he said, by 11.00am he is thinking about lunch. I didn't think that sounded so bad, but then he is not a person who has ever had a weight problem. He's always been one of those people who was more likely to forget to eat than anything else. He says he is finding it difficult to stay away from the cookies and junk food that are around his office. I have been sending nuts with him to snack on, and have suggested hard boiled eggs and other things but he is typically "too busy" to eat anything much more complex to eat than nuts (or cookies, or snack crackers, or whatever).

    I said "what about after lunch? in the afternoon do you feel like that too?" Not so much, he said, but "by the time we get home I'm more than ready to eat." (We get home at 7.30pm, typically have dinner around 8.30pm.)

    Again, to me this doesn't sound so bad but by his standards this is unusual food cravings. He has refused to give up sugar in his coffee/tea. Do you all think that might be keeping the carb-cravings alive? He is gradually getting more and more willing to eat more healthy fats (CW dies hard!) and I told him that this is one thing that should improve satiety....but does anyone else have any other thoughts? He says he is finding the "hunger" very unpleasant, and I do worry that if I don't find a solution to it he will fall off the PB-wagon even more frequently than he now does!

    (PS - Sorry for the over-lengthy post! I have this terrible impulse to provide background and too much explanation whenever I write! )

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    Thanks for your answer. He isn't a breakfast eater at all, really, and I would like to find something that would work. We both leave the house to start our commute to work at about 6.30 in the morning (getting up at 5.00) so finding time is hard. I think that if I could develop something that he could take with him to eat once he gets to work would be good. I take hard boiled eggs (and sometimes a jar of my home-made primal mayonnaise to go with!) but he's not a hard-boiled egg guy, really!

    I shall devote some thought to what can be creatively done with coconut oil.

    I love your "I just kept steadily increasing...." God, that sounds familiar! And the pre-diabetes remark is worth looking into as well.

    Take care and thanks again.


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      What about a little container of pre-cooked bacon for a mid-morning snack? Or cottage cheese (if he does dairy)?
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        Having been an ex fat boy, in the process of losing 100lbs, I found that:

        1) even a bit of sugar/bread/cake/pizza makes me hungry and obsess about food, especially unhealthy food.

        2) eating more fat and protein (a lot more) makes it impossible to feel hungry within meal times.

        3) it takes time to learn the difference between real hunger and the anticipation of food

        It's a journey. Just stick to the basics (eat real whole food, exercise intensely for short durations, get some sun, sleep well and and stress less) and your body will learn to heal itself.


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          I don't like breakfast, but I eat lunch earlier than "normal." About 11:00 is just about right. I think his body is telling him that it's time to break his fast at that time.


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            I think the daily sugar would contribute the the intense hunger. I'm personally not a fan of breakfast-skipping, but cutting the sugar and upping the fats/protein would be a good start.


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              I am relatively new to this about 5 months and I have had similar experiences and I just upped the fat intake and cravings/hunger gone.Quite suprising how relative I find it is


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                Belinda, that's a brilliant idea. He does like bacon (who doesn't like bacon?!). We do dairy, to a limited degree and in fact we had cottage cheese last night. Can't picture him eating it without me there to encourage him, however. Bacon is another story!

                Thank you so much for all the input. A number of you are confirming my suspicions that even the small amount of sugar in hot drinks might be triggering his cravings (in fact, it's not really such a small amount -- he's a "2 sugars" in everything person).

                And Finnabair, I've had that same thought, that he simply should "break fast" when he starts getting hungry. I shall suggest that to him as well.

                Thanks again everyone! Bravo!
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                  One of my distance hiking snacks is hard boiled eggs that have been peeled and are set in a plastic baggie with salt and pepper already on them. That might work as well - they are ready to eat.
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                    Sometimes you do just go through phases of being really really hungry. I find if I go a few weeks without any high calorie or high carb days my weight loss will stall out, then I'll get ravenous for 2-4 days, then continue on as normal. I think it's a natural part of the weight loss cycle... kind of your body forcing you to calorie cycle to make sure it shouldn't really be preserving all this stored body fat.


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                      I find that making primal energy bars was a great way for my dh to be able to eat on the run. I just googled it and mixed and matched recipes, I prefer the baked ones. He is not on board with the primal so much, he is fit, and he is also one who would forget to eat. I have also made him homemade "granola", which he eats out of hand as a snack.

                      As to the sugar, I can atest to the fact that it is really hard to change the way you drink your coffee. Maybe if you could find a sweetener that he could spoon in the same as he does sugar, that would help move him away from the sugar.

                      they can be very set in their ways, our spouses. Good Luck
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