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saving bone broth fat?

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  • saving bone broth fat?

    so i just made some bone broth from some soup bones i got with my grass fed 1/4 cow. i've got a lot of fat skimmed from the top and i'm wondering if i should keep it and cook with it? if so, ho long will it keep? should i freeze it?

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    I never skim the fat from my bone broth - it melts nicely when you reheat the stock and makes the broth rich and satisfying.
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      I throw away the fat when making stock, especially when it's from cows. I really don't care for the way it coats your mouth. I like to control the fat in the sautéing process without having to worry about getting a greasy braise or soup after adding the stock.

      Edit: Also, the fat would be flavored from the stock. I don't always want a stock flavor in things. Sometimes I want the fat to be neutral.

      On the other hand, I render lard from hazelnut finished pigs. That stuff is delicious!
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        I generally get rid of the fat from stock but, the other day, I made some lovely beef stock, kept the fat, and used it on a beef roast - it was heavenly! So I think I'll keep doing that from time to time.


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          I keep beef tallow. It is one thing you can do a healthy deep fry with.

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            Most of the time, I freeze my stock and then eat it later with a few meatballs as my dinner soup. I always leave the fat on top and eat it with the soup. Stock tastes much better in my opinion with the fat in it. I have scrapped some off to cook with from time to time where the flavoring of the stock would not otherwise disturb the flavors of what I was cooking. I have never thrown it away.


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              I doubt there are very many "primal" menu items that would err on the side of fat removal. For the fat on the stock you can either skim it off during or if you wait and store the stock in a large container in the fridge, once it's cooled down the fat will all be in a hardened layer on top that can simply be lifted off. It will have some extra flavor to it from the stock but you can simply use that to your advantage to flavor veggie dishes or fry eggs in.
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