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    On a whim I decided to try it out, just to see what I'm eating. And the numbers actually scare me. They seem waaaaaaay too low. Is this calculator accurate?

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    Assuming you're entering the correct values, then yes. :-)
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      Depends. If you want it to be very accurate, you have to weigh your food. You also have to make sure you differentiate between raw and cooked (i.e. 8oz of cooked steak is more than 8oz of raw steak). I don't think it's all that useful for anything except keeping an eye on macronutrient ratios and a general log of what you're eating.


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        I have compared it to other sources for nutrition info or labels and found it to be pretty much accurate. I like it to keep my carb intake and balance between protein and fat in check. I wish they had an option to NOT track calories. I get into weird mind-stuff then. But if I think it's going to cause me problems (the calorie thing) on any given day - I just don't log my food.


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          There are several such programs out there, SparkPeople, Chron-o-Meter, Livestrong, etc. I compared Fitday to the info on labels a few times and found them to be off pretty significantly. Shop around and find the one you like. I found that Sparkpeople worked well for me.


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            I think fitday and fatsecret use USDA nutrition facts (you need to make sure the source says "USDA" not anything else) and then yes, if you are weighing, I'd say that's pretty accurate.


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              I wouldn't use it for stuff with labels, but it lets you make custom foods so you can use your labels.

              For raw, real food, it's using the USDA data from what I can tell, and that's about the best source you can get. I actually really like fitday.
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                Thanks all for your replies.

                What was making me nervous is that over three days my calories weren't going much over 1200 each day (I'm 5'4, 115lb).

                It's recommended that breastfeeding mothers consume a minimum of 1800 calories to maintain milk production. I do wonder if that recommendation is based on people taking in your average SAD. I am nursing a three year old, so I'm definitely not making as much as someone with a newborn, but I haven't noticed a problem with milk production, and I've been grain-free for two months now.

                I'm not hungry and I have plenty of energy. I did a back search and discovered that other people weren't hungry either and taking in much fewer calories. It's just a little jolting, considering the average recommendations per day from maintream nutritional sources.


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                  fitday is obnoxious. Try Free Calorie Counter, Diet & Exercise Journal | or
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                    Thanks. Although I don't plan on using fitness calculators anymore. It was just a silly "hmmmm, wonder what I'm eating?" thing. I feel fine, still making milk, not dropping loads of pounds, keeping up with my workouts, etc. Too OCD for me, kwim?


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                      Do you have a smartphone? I use the android app 'Calorie Counter' which is by FatSecret (mentioned earlier in this thread) I beleive. It makes tracking calories and macros really easy.


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                        Nah, my phone is pretty un-smart, lol.

                        I'm not into counting calories or anything like that. Just did it because I was curious, and the numbers confused me.

                        I figure if I feel good, still keeping up the milk production, have good energy and I'm not keeling over things are ok.

                        I went primal because I had dealt with hypoglycemic attacks to the point of blacking out for years. I haven't had one in two months!

                        That was worded funny. I didn't black out for years. Hahah.


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                          Originally posted by davem View Post
                          I wouldn't use it for stuff with labels, but it lets you make custom foods so you can use your labels.

                          For raw, real food, it's using the USDA data from what I can tell, and that's about the best source you can get. I actually really like fitday.

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                            Well I did a comparitive with today's meals. Fitday was 500 more calories and 12 more carbs. Seems alot of difference between that and sparkpeople
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                              If I'm going to look at what I eat, which I rarely do, I use Livestrong. They have an iPhone app that's pretty good too.