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Sugar and allergies

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  • Sugar and allergies

    So here's the story. I went primal and my airborne allergies went way down. We had an awful spring here and everyone I know with allergies was talking about how bad it was, and I was fine. A little sniffling but that's about it. I had been having a real hard time with allergies until I went primal and then it's like they almost disappeared. I still needed to wear a mask when dealing with house dust, but the general seasonal ones were not bothering me much other than a little bit of sniffling.

    I kept up primal for months and then I ate some sugar and next thing I know I'm back on the sugar wagon I was still not eating grains at all. No grains, no legumes, plenty of meat and fat, etc. But sugar. Lots of sugar.

    My allergies came back full force. I didn't even realize what was going on. When I went primal, I thought it was the lack of grains that made my allergies subside. I never thought it was the sugar. So when I started being an allergic mess again, I just figured that maybe the middle of the summer allergies were worse this year.

    This past weekend I cut the sugar again. I just went cold turkey. Today is day 5 and yesterday I realized my allergies are again way down. Tissue consumption is almost zero Last night I pulled a blanket from a closet and didn't realize it was dusty til I was lying in bed with it over me. But the thing is, I didn't have a full blown allergy attack, I just got a little sniffly and my eye itched. That's it. No sneezing!

    Has anyone else experienced this? Anyone have any articles I can read? I really had no clue it could be sugar. I thought it was the grains. Grains give me digestion problems but I guess they're off the hook for my allergies.

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    I definitely have. I suffered from asthma type symptoms for years (chest tightness etc.). It disappeared completely when I started eating primal. After having some maple sugar-like candy (this was a couple of months ago) the tightness came back almost instantly. It's much easier to swear off sugar when the result is I am left gasping for air.


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      It could be both sugar and grains that make you susceptible to inhalant allergies. I have been off of sugar since the mid-1990s, but continued to eat grains until starting the PB in June of this year. During that time, I suffered from seasonal allergies just like I had since childhood. Since going primal, the allergies have just about disappeared. Just a little sniffle once in a while, even when dust or pollen is at a high level. Methinks grains, at least in my case, are the culprit.
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        That's true, it could be both. Grains give me stomach problems so I'm not going to experiment or anything, but it could be mainly sugar, but grains helping, or something like that. I did go sugar free years ago (while still eating grains) but I can't remember if it did anything for allergies at the time.

        LitheGrokkette, that's quite a reaction! Yeah, I can see how it's easy to give it up with that. I feel that way with grains. Not so dramatic, but when I eat them, I feel like crap so it's easy to stay away. With sugar, I don't have any immediate symptoms. I just can't stop eating it and, apparently, my allergies come back. But without that immediate reaction, it's hard to stay away.


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          I'm hoping to see the same results. Ten years ago I didn't have allergies at all. Now, I have to take antihistamine almost daily during the worst times of the year, which is starting to turn into all year long. Generally the antihistamine takes care of the allergy symptoms but dries me out and makes me feel like crap in other ways, so I'll be happy to get rid of the allergies and the medicine.


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            I'm the opposite, since going primal my allergies have been brutal, I've never had allergies this bad in my life, at least a couple times a week I feel like I'm coming down with something.


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              I've experienced almost the exact same thing. I've had extremely bad allergies my entire life, worse than anyone I knew, and of course that whole time I was also an extreme sugar addict. Since going mostly paleo I haven't had any issues at all. This spring was supposedly really bad, but while the rest of my family was affected, I was perfectly fine. It was pretty incredible.

              And then, like you, when I've succumbed to my sweet tooth and had a bad week a couple times, having the sugar but still not grains, I went back to constantly sniffling. There's almost no question in my mind it was the sugar I was consuming, which is one reason I usually limit my intake extremely strictly.


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                I go primal, my snoring is almost gone. I go off primal, my snoring comes back. I attribute this to some type of allergy, because what is an allergy but a negative reaction to stuff you put into your body.


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                  Sugar increases overall inflammation. Allergies are an inflammatory reaction.
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                    Elson Haas, M.D., wrote an excellent book called "The False Fat Diet", in which he describes how many people are carrying around a bunch of water weight that results from consuming the 7 most common allergens (sugar, wheat, soy, corn, dairy, eggs, peanuts):

           The False Fat Diet: The Revolutionary 21-Day Program for Losing the Weight You Think Is Fat (9780345443151): Elson Haas M.D., Cameron Stauth: Books

                    After not consuming sugar for a long time, yesterday I just had a couple of bites of chocolate... and I immediately started having trouble breathing through my nose, and felt short of breath. Very dramatic reaction to a small amount of the allergen...