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    I will be living in the wonderful city of Pueblo, CO from Saturday Sept 10th - 16th.

    I'm going for work, and the site I'm at will not have a cafeteria to eat from, nor vending machines (which I"m totally okay with) AND I can't leave the site for food. Lunch time is only 30 minutes so there just isn't enough time.

    Any advice? I figured I could get some canned fish, some veggies to much on, etc...but for the most part all my foods will be unprepared.

    Bonus points if you can keep it dairy free.

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    Canned fish + coconut oil + your favorite spice mix (or hot sauce) = heaven.


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      WTF? What exactly are you supposed to eat in these conditions? There's no food at the site and you are expected to somehow magically get lunch? Are you expected to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every morning in your hotel room? Who on earth decided it was okay to ask someone to live like this? -- sorry, I know you have to live it but it sounds insane.

      Does your hotel room have a refrigerator that allows you to store food? If so, then your options are better as you can order a second meal at dinner, toss it in the frig and bring it to work. You could even call the hotel in advance and see if they can help you with frig storage/lunch box for the day - I often find that hotels are willing to do a great deal if you ask them for help.
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        You might try just skipping lunch or planning it as a small snack and eating an extra large breakfast and dinner instead. There are no rules that you need to have lunch.
        Snacks could include Lara bars, almond butter and an apple, steve's paleo kits, a handful of nuts or olives.
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          Bacon and eggs in the morning, as much as you can stand to eat. Supplement with coconut oil.

          That may very well keep you full for the entire day until dinner.

          Keep nuts on hand, esepcially macadamias, for an afternoon energy pick-me-up.


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            I have tried to like sardines, but I still prefer Kippered Herring. Some folks here love Mackerel, but I haven't tried that one yet. Hard boiled eggs, beef jerky. Rotisserie chicken...


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              Does the work site have a refrigerator and microwave ? Is there a nearby grocery store with a salad bar, steam-in-bag vegetables, rotisserie chickens, etc.? I had a similar travel situation and stopped by the grocery store in the mornings on the way to the client's office. I carried Larabars for emergencies.
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                LaraBars and Tanka Bites got me up the side of Mt. Kilimangaro.


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                  Before i leve home i make the primal trail mix but leve out the fruit then when i can i buy 1/2 pound of good beef jerky this is for snacking on in the car i do a lot of driving i also have in a box in the back some tins of tuna and i buy some salad pre made from woolworths tonnite its half a chicken and salad the other half i had for lunch . iwill also go out and have the eggs and bacon for brekie and IF till dinner some days
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                    Thanks for all the help so far guys. I generally cook/prepare all of my food, so I feel out of place for sure.

                    Yes, the site does have a fridge for food storage, and I've already gotten a good size lunch box so I can hopefully get a bunch of stuff in the bag. I'll be working 10 hour days, and my inner grok isn't ready to skip meals just yet. I do occasionally, but don't feel quite right when I do.

                    I made sure to get a hotel room with a fridge as well, which should help. Only problem with the hotel is that since I'll be leaving at roughly 6am, I doubt the breakfast will be ready. I hope it is, but we'll see! If not...I may be skipping and just dealing with it.