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  • Black pudding

    Hey guys, just wondering if you have ever eaten black pudding? Its basically a sausage made from pork fat, pigs blood and onions. Sounds gross but it's yummy. You can get it in the Uk, and it often comes with a full cooked English breakfast. Let me know your thoughts? Is it primal?
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    A lot of black pudding has oats. Delicious. Would be primal without the oats
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      I do, every week. There's one available here (at Woolies/Safeway Peril) that is made of pork blood, jowls and spices, that's it.

      It's AWESOME!!
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        Ye used to love it as a kid,problem is now I cant find any without oats


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          I'd have it occasionally when I was a kid. We used to eat it with sugar on top. It's been a while since last time though. Apparently, the the ones they sell here contain barley and wheat flour.
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            I used to eat pig and duck blood cakes and soups when I lived in Taiwan. Could be pretty delicious or pretty gross depending on how it was prepared. Pretty primal, I'd say.


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              Ever try kishka? It's a polish blood sausge:

              The deli I buy it from has it made with buckwheat (not a true wheat grain, no gluten) so it's pretty primal.

              Fried with onions and eggs its amazing!


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                Originally posted by matt22 View Post
                Hey guys, just wondering if you have ever eaten black pudding? Its basically a sausage made from pork fat, pigs blood and onions. Sounds gross but it's yummy.
                Doesn't sound gross to me, although doubtless it would make a vegetarian's hair curl.

                You can probably find some that's gluten-free, if you try googling that. I came up with this:

                Findlays of Portobello Online Butchers, Award Winning Haggis, Sausage, Black Pudding. Buy Online! - Gluten Free Black Pudding

                (Actually oats haven't got gluten in but they're usually cross-contaimated with wheat in processing, and you could also find other cereals in there in current shop-bought versions.)

                These days most of the blood used is reconstituted imported dried blood—thanks to the FSA, as one disgruntled producer explains:

                Actually, VERY sad to say, virtually all the black pudding produced in the UK is made from reconstituted dried (powdered) blood imported - in the main from Holland. Our wonderful Food Standards Agency - who's function in life is actually to restrict the activities of would-be mass poisoners, have failed to realistically interpret the (inevitably European) regulations concerning the collection of blood, and if they restrict supply to stuff coming from another 'member state' - immaterial of the quality - the don't have to. But there we are; we probably aren't talking much more than 2,000 or so years of tradition after all....
                Black Pudding from

                Of course, if you can get hold of some pigs' blood yourself you can always make black pudding from a good recipe:

                Charcuterie and French Pork Cookery: Jane Grigson: Books


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                  Lewis, thanks for that! I had mo idea that it may be made from powdered blood, even worse, imported powdered blood. I will think twice before buying this from my "normal" shop.
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                    I'm going to look that one up. Cheers.
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                      I'm going to ask my local organic butcher who does gluten free sausage if they will make me gluten free black pudding! I do love it and eat when available - but I do feel concerned about the oats.


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                        Good idea, breadsauce. Let me know what they say, I may do the same thing! Grok on!
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