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Trying to stay PRIMAL....

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  • Trying to stay PRIMAL....

    So I've been attempting to eat PRIMAL for 4 days.... I have done really well with the exception of things that have a little sugar that I didn't anticipate.... like some kefir yogurt I had or a sauce that was on something I ordered at a resturant. My only struggle has been alcohol.... so I'm not a big drinker. In fact I probably only have a drink once a month. However, the last week has been overwhelmingly stressful so I've had a vodka on the rocks on Monday night and tonight a top shelp margarita on the rocks. I think since I can't eat "junk" I've turned to the alcohol treat. How do you navigate drinking and do you think a drink or two in a week will damage my hard work??

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    Ideally you should avoid alcohol (except, perhaps, for the occasional glass of wine). Especially if you're trying to lose weight since alcohol is a sugar that your body will use before it touches anything else for fuel.

    You need to learn to find stress release in other ways. Go for a walk or a jog. Do a handful of pushups or lift some weights. Find a way of getting a few endorphins that make you feel good without relying on things you have to eat or drink. That's my 2 cents worth of psychology
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      I am pretty new to all of this and do occasionally find out afterward that something I thought was primal had something in it or it wasn't primal. I figure those accidental situations to be my 20%, so I don't sweat them.

      As to alcohol, I have not had any yet, I am also a maybe a glass of wine a month type of person. But I think the point Belinda makes is an excellent one. If you are stressed eating or drinking are probably not your best mechanism for reducing it. Nor are they good treats. Think massage, or fresh air, or call a friend, as addition to Belinda's suggestions.

      If you choose to have a drink (or a piece of chocolate or something non-primal or whatever) know that it may slow your progress, which is likely to add to your stress. But sometimes we make that decision, because the situation feels right or we have access to something out of the ordinary or we just want it. It is your primal, and sometimes a little treat will keep us from a binge, only you can know. I would keep track of what you eat, your exercise and what you drink and see how it affects you. Good luck.
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        thanks for your feedback... I'm going to avoid alcohol for the rest of the month so I can really give the primal thing all I've got for 30 days!


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          Don't beat yourself up too much. 4 days is a really short time to be making such drastic changes. You'll adjust soon enough.