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Eating Fish & Using Beef Tallow

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  • Eating Fish & Using Beef Tallow

    I was wondering how often we're supposed to, for the Omega 3's, consume fish? I don't normally eat fish much. I thought I could incorporate some sardines in to salads and make salmon sometimes. Any suggested brands for sardines? I've never bought them.

    Also, what do you usually cook in beef tallow? Just curious. I bought some since it's on the approved fats list for cooking so I don't have to rely too much on my olive oil, but now I'm not quite sure what foods to cook with it.

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    I get sardines that are canned in spring water. Very tasty. I usually try for a couple of cans of salmon and or sardines a week, and that gives me a good o6:3 balance (around 2:1 or 3:1).

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      You can cook anything and everything in beef or pork fats. Try frying eggs, or tomatoes, or a chop. I fry up cold boiled potato in beef fat and I love it. Or melt some fat, toss chopped root veg in it, to get them well covered, then roast in a moderate oven. Delicious!


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        Thank you both. That helps a lot.
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