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Grass fed steaks vs grain fed

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  • Grass fed steaks vs grain fed

    Hey everyone!! I wanted to ask a question regarding grass-fed vs grain-fed. I've lost 25 lbs in a month in a half on Primal and I really enjoy eating steak, but I read something that warned against eating it unless it grass-fed. My daily diet usually goes 3-4 eggs or just a green drink, fast if not for some veggies, then at dinner its usually a bunch of steamed broccoli, steak or other meat... but usually steak , and maybe some sauteed mushrooms in butter.

    I was reading Stevo's post about not sweating it too much, because I'm doing my body alot better than I was before. I suppose I just wanted to post this to see what you folks thought. Thanks in advance!! - Rhyno

    P.S. It come down to $$$ at the moment, but hopefully that will change.

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    I would simply up your intake of Omega 3 to make sure your O6:O3 ratio is even.


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      I'm taking some DHEA everyday, will that do it??


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        Excuse me, DHA. I read it wrong, lol.


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          Don't know, I take wild salmon oil which has equal amounts of DHA and EPA. As long as it's 03 you should be fine. I take 9 capsules daily, but I hardly eat sources of O6 anymore, so I'm going down to 6 capsules by next month.


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            Beef is pretty low in omega-6, so don't sweat it, especially if you're taking some fish oil or eating oily fish.

            For example, an 8 oz ribeye only has 1g of omega-6: Nutrition Facts and Analysis for Beef, rib, eye, small end (ribs 10-12), separable lean and fat, trimmed to 0" fat, choice, cooked, broiled [ribeye]

            Pork, poultry and nuts (in increasing order) have more.

            Kurt Harris recommends getting no more than 4% of total caloric intake from PUFA: Archevore - Archevore Diet


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              The way thing stand, grass-fed beef is a luxury, a once-in-a-while indulgence for many people.

              If you're doing fine with standard beef, I wouldn't sweat it. These are things people sweat over but in reality they won't make or break your life or health. Yea, if you can, go grass-fed, but even then you really can't know if it's truly grass-fed. You don't know where this stuff is coming from, and you really don't know what criteria a cow would have to meet to be called grass-fed. As with everything else, I am sure there are ways to work the loops and spread the lube to get a cow certified grass-fed when in reality it is far from it.

              Unless you're living in a village in the mountains of Herzegovina and slaughtering your own cattle every year, I don't know, man. Just go with the regs.


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                Meat in Mostar is dam good! MMMM Cevapi!
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                  Personally speaking, I don't want to support conventional feed-lot practices, or eat all the hormones & antibiotics that are fed to the cattle, so I buy my 100% grass-fed beef from local farmers.

                  It's not that hard to find out what's what. You just need to ask.

                  Your Farmer's Market and has some good sources near you.
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                    Originally posted by gorski View Post
                    Meat in Mostar is dam good! MMMM Cevapi!
                    when that fat juicy lepina hits the table i'm off primal, you can kill me


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                      is there a way to test my n:6 to n:3 ratios?
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                        Originally posted by pacificBeef View Post
                        is there a way to test my n:6 to n:3 ratios?
                        Yes. From what I've heard, you should get tissue levels as opposed to blood levels. I want to get this tested myself (along with Vitamin D and a few others) but am too lazy/cheap to have done it yet. But it seems it would be a really good indicator as to whether you need to take more or less fish oil.


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                          Cool, thanks guys!!


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                            Hi all!

                            Newbie here, just got The Book last week, though I've been lurking here for a little longer.
                            The grass vs. grain fed meat issue is foremost in my mind right now as I've recently been reading some info at Why Grass-Fed? . That site espouses all the paleo/primal/caveman viewpoint, but is much more adamant about grass fed meat. The main point at that site is that grain fed produces an imbalance of Omega-6:Omega-3 ratio whereas grass fed does not. Although this might appear self-serving, it's backed up by some research.

                            This issue is of particular interest to me as I am currently raising my own livestock (sheep, pigs, rabbits and chickens) for meat as well as growing feed crops for the these critters. I also can buy beef from a local yokel who offers both grass fed as well as grain finished. Switching to an all grass feed crop would involve some expenditure of resources but it could be done. Does feeding grain to a critter result in the meat being unbalanced in O-6:O3? No hormones or antibiotics are involved, just grain (or maybe not). Soooo..... how important is it?


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