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Quick question: what are "normal" blood sugar levels for primals?

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  • Quick question: what are "normal" blood sugar levels for primals?

    I have had a return of my symptoms of anxiety after several attempts to try the supposed miracle magnesium treatment. Not to mention that I tried to do the leptin protocol, which then sent me into more anxiety after my third week on the protocol, I think from being too low carb for me as a woman.

    Have started testing blood sugar to determine if a partial cause of my anxiety is low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) from being too low carb on the leptin protocol, and now just maybe too low carb in general.

    I run in a range of 66-111, always. Fasting varies from 66-82, after meals from 75-111. I can spike my bs up to 111 max if I eat very sugary fruits. But usually I range from 70-90 consistantly even after meals. Is it NORMAL to have lower blood sugar if you are primal (100% grain, dairy, &sugar free)?

    My doc says he believes this to be probably normal for me, but I am having some diarrhea issues because of a medication switch (to be corrected soon with a switch back to old medicine), and am hungry all the time because of my anxiety causing my bowels to run faster than ususal. So now I am eating all the time. Damn. But I guess that is an issue for another post.
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    Honestly, those are numbers I strive for (I'm T2 diabetic). Consider yourself lucky
    --Trish (Bork)


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      Oh....well that's good I guess? Normally I read people should be between 80-100 fasting and lower than 124 a few hours after eating. Mine tends to be I kinda thought that maybe I am borderline hypo?

      Do you know if this means I have good insulin sensitivity? I am kinda confused as to what that is.....


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        Your blood sugar numbers are consistant with mine. (I'm type 2 diabetic, on 100% primal).

        I do not think that blood sugar is your issue.

        If you are "too" low carb, you would be in ketosis. If you are in ketosis, you would be producing ketones to fuel your brain. And, the ketones would be preventing the apparent hypo symptoms.

        On the other hand, if you are moderately low in carbs (100ish), your body may not have kicked over to producing enough ketones to keep up with your lower levels, and the symptoms you are describing would be possible.

        What are your goals that you are dabbling in so many cures? I'm seeing magnesium treatments, low carbs, leptin protocols, primal diets, switching medicine, frequent blood sugar tests, with no disclosed diabetes diagnosis.... Then a complaint of anxiety? My eyebrows are raising.

        Without knowing more, my knee jerk reaction is that the best thing you can do is to make SIMPLE, small and SUSTAINABLE changes to your diet and lifestyle to gradually meet your goals. This should bring about less side effects, and funky stuff.


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          Oh, my goals are to be anxiety free.....sorrry if that is unclear.

          Am exploring different avenues of possible causes (other than being just mental or something) with my doctors.

          Have had extensive blood tests....etc. So we are trying/testing different things that could be responsible and possible for another anxiety episode after being more or less stable for a few years. Have tried several people's advice on the forum as a result (magnesium, leptin reset, etc.).

          Blood sugar and hypoglycemia came up because I have experienced some mild symptoms of being hypo recently surronding eating, but so far my glucose levels have not shown me to be hypo, although I do get some symptoms of being mildly hypo (need to eat right now, shaking, tunnel vision, loss of concentration, unable to focus, etc.) but not the severe ones like coldness along with intense sweating. And like I said, my blood tests don't show me to be hypo even while having these symptoms.
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            I also seem to have a strange reaction to magnesium... it makes me jittery and keeps me up all night. So much for calming!