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Getting back to the primal life.

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  • Getting back to the primal life.

    Why is it that getting back to the primal life after deviating for a long time seems harder than first beginning a primal lifestyle?

    Any tips for someone who has been off track for a long time and is ready to move back to a primal way of eating?

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    How did you feel the first time you did primal? I'm guessing you felt great. Maybe reminding yourself of off the benefits you felt will provide some motivation. Also reading some of the success stories on here would help too.

    Wishing you the best of luck on resetting your primalness. :-)
    Live your life and love your life. It's the only one you get.


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      I'm another person on my second time around. For myself I believe the being on a whole foods/ veg diet before hand helped a lot the first time around. Unfortunately when I wondered away for while I went for total junk, and this time it is more of a struggle.

      I'm forcing myself to go more strict (as in no cheese, nuts, or starchy veggies) in hopes of getting the ball rolling in the right direction. There is also, as Mike said, just reminding yourself about the benefits that you felt and saw before. I'm also forcing myself to journal on here as a way of being more accountable. Perhaps that might be something you want to try out also.

      Good luck!


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        I have returned to PB after a 16-month break. I always start with a 10 day detox, seems to help me overcome cravings.


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          Why do you go away from it in the first place?


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            I went away to bulk up and did GOMAD for a while. I just got back last week and I'm feeling so good, like a glacier from the north pole.

            It's not that hard because the benefits rush over you so quickly, you see results almost immediately and you feel so good!