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Excessive Belching??!!

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  • Excessive Belching??!!

    Anyone know why I am CONSTANTLY belching? Almost feels as if I have the hiccups but belching instead.

    Background: I've been under stress (but it's going away now as I am dealing with it), which has caused major gut irritation and constipation. My entire upper stomach and intenstinal area has become bloated/inflammed and to treat the constipation I started a digestive enzyme and probiotic daily.

    As I'm recovering I'm noticing (especially today) that I am belching like NO OTHER. It's quite embarassing!

    Is it due to the probiotics? Quick google search did not really indicate one way or another. Anyone have experience with this?

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    Are you eating fast?

    Don't wolf your food down if that's what your doing.

    Don't worry. You're not going to die. It's not a 'primal' thing either.

    Relax. Chew. Slow down.


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      Thanks Mr B. Actually I eat really slow! I know it's not a primal thing since I have not read about it before on the forums which is why I was asking if it was the probiotics?

      Thanks again. Thinking relaxation is the key and not to worry about it.


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        Focus eating Primally, lay off any probiotic or enzyme supplements. Just eat meat, veggies, nothing you need above and beyond that. Bet it's the supplemental stuff you are taking. List out a typical food intake for the past few days, something is going to stick out.