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  • Post workout/sprint nutrition


    I have been searching around for some post workout nutrition threads and I'm probably completely missing them.

    Any thoughts on the need to fuel the body immediately after a workout?

    Would you differ the process for weights and sprinting?


    (First post!)

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    Welcome. Nutrition immediately post workout isn't as dramatically important as some make it out to be, but there are specific situations in which you'd want to eat closer to your workout than wait too long, but they're not necessarily for performance issues. I'm thinking about carb refeeds (google that) so if anybody else differs, speak up.

    If you're spritnting, and you have body fat to lose DO NOT EAT right after a sprint session. Wait at the very least an hour. Sprinting releases HGH which burns body fat (when you're "blushed" and feel hot, that's when)

    After weights you still don't NEED to do anything right after. If you want to though, there's no issue there either.
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      Thanks. Good stuff.

      Interestingly, since going Primal, I have noticed I am not even hungry after most workouts. In the past, I was always starving and had to get those useless, grain filled carbs back into my system. Now, I can go hours without having to eat. Just want to ensure I am not undoing some good things by depriving my muscles food.