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Extreme Gas from being Primal?

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  • Extreme Gas from being Primal?

    I won't lie....I went off Primal on a binge around my birthday (August 12th), but for the past two weeks I've hopped back on the wagon. I'm guessing I'm starting over again would this be a correct assumption? Also, I've had horrible internal gas for the past several days, and I've been extremely fatigued. I'm a bit worried as I don't remember this from the first time I went Primal.

    And not that I'm trying to lose weight, but I find it odd that I haven't shed any weight at all since before I went on my binge I was having trouble keeping weight on. Just very strange happenings going on. Any ideas? I've started digestive enzymes hoping that will help with the digestive issues.

    Sample of what I ate yesterday (not much I know cause I felt so ill):

    1 egg 1 strip of bacon
    quarter of rotisserie chicken with a cup of veggies in butter
    1/2lb ground chuck burger with two strips of bacon and mushrooms with butter
    1 peach and a handful of mac nuts