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omega 3s and suicide risk

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  • omega 3s and suicide risk

    anyone see this article? interesting...

    US Military Low Omega 3 Levels May Boost Suicide Risk

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    I believe this 100%. Adding a fish oil supplement worked wonders for my depression. My psych actually asks all his patients if they eat fish regularly; he says most of his depression patients and almost all his bipolar patients don't. There have been tests on bipolar patients that show a huge percentage are low on omega-3s.

    I've had an aversion to seafood since childhood, but only experienced depression after moving to the US (back home all beef is grass-fed, so I was probably getting enough omega-3s from meat; not so in America.) It is now one of the first things I recommend to anyone who struggles with their mood (along with vitamin d, amino acids, and more protein in general.)


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      ...... but can something be said for the fact that if the body has a hard time making DHA in the first place that it may not be that important? I mean if the body loved it so much I would think it would have figured out a way to make more of it! If eating donuts and ice cream made the suicidal thoughts disappear I guess Ben and Jerry's would make a fortune!
      What kind of confounding items may have been in, or missing from, the diets of those tested? Were they on SAD? Could going Primal have done that same? I don't want to cast doubt on the study but at the same time ...I guess I am casting some doubt through a general distrust of Big Pharma and supplement manufacturers that may be wanting to sell more Fish Oil!

      In the end I am glad to hear of something ...anything! that may help someone overcome suicidal tendencies.
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        I believe it. How many of those tested were active-duty, eating primarily prepared foods/very little that was plentiful in Omega-3? They are probably a prime example of a population that is deficient.

        If the body loved it so much it would make more of it? The body doesn't make everything it needs. Nature provides it for us, we just don't always eat it. How often do you eat fish compared to how much Omega-3 you should be taking in? Primal argues for a much larger intake, so you probably don't eat enough. You = general you, not you you. In an argument for natural selection, if one is genetically deficient in omega-3 (don't know if that's possible, just saying), they might off themselves before they reproduce, thus weeding out the deficiencies. Because of drugs, that doesn't happen as much anymore, and people have kids anyway.

        Yeah, it's definitely lacking (the article) in facts & further testing, but I believe it. I really should go get some fish oil, I just hate the fish burps I get later!
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          well humans cannot make vitamin C, yet it is an essential nutrient - right? someone correct me if I'm wrong....

          Though I do agree with your distrust of big pharma and manufacturers - they are all out to capitalize on the next big 'vitamin deficiency craze'
          We used to get our blood work done with vitamin D tests included, for example. But now that vitamin D is the 'vitamin du jour' - the labs are all charging $90 to get your vit D levels tested LOL how crazy is that?