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Back On Primal, Snoring Stops, Great Energy in Brain

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  • Back On Primal, Snoring Stops, Great Energy in Brain

    I'm back on primal, stopped drinking a gallon of milk a day, it just got sloppy, and then I had tennis elbow.

    So I switched back to the primal diet and less regimented workouts and now I feel so good.

    But my snoring, it is gone, my fiance and me sleep so good now.

    Anyone else have snoring success stories?

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    Even if you are not lactose intolerant in the gastro-intestinal sense, milk can still cause excess mucus in your sinuses leading to snoring. I found that when I cut out the dairy, I started getting much more restful sleep. That sort of half stuffed up feeling had been going on so long that I just considered it normal. I like the new normal better, where I can breathe out of both nostrils all the time.


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      That's exactly what it was. My brain and my nose are just clearer now, I can breathe easier. I was always filled with mucus and stuffed up when I was drinking milk and off primal.

      Now, I am so healthy and happy.