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  • Coffee and Caffeine

    Is it possible to have cortisol effects/withdrawal effects with a one cup of french press coffee a day?

    I think I'm feeling it, since today I didn't have a cup, and was curious about cortisol issues. I don't have any adrenal gland or hormonal issues, and am fairly lean...but am dosage sensitive.

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    I don't know about cortisol, but you can have withdrawal from even 1 cup of coffee a day. I will say your mind has a lot too do with it. If your feeling some withdrawal symptoms, you can build it up so much in your mind and make it so much worse then it really is.

    I drink 4-6 cups a day of STRONG coffee, if I stop, I feel a little sluggish for a few days, maybe a headache, nothing too dramatic.


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      If you're caffeine sensitive, you probably will feel something from even a small amount.

      Maybe drink black or green tea instead? Should be easier on you.

      I likewise drink about 3 cups of coffee a day. It's pretty strong. I can not get around to drinking any for 4, 5, even 6 hours after I get up, with no ill effects. Everyone's different.

      If you want to look into it, you could check out your cortisol with a blood test. Licorice- the herb, not the candy- is good for adrenal rebalancing. Just watch it, its VERY potent stuff.
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        try teecino. It's herbal coffee. I tried some yesterday (vanilla nut) and liked it. Good with coconut milk, caffeine free.
        I also like yerba mate chocolatte (chocolate herbal tea).
        --Trish (Bork)


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          Hmm thanks for the comments. I'm doing a 30-day caffeine-free streak, to see if I feel/look/perform any better. To be honest, I'm not so sure one cup a day really has much of an effect? Headache was gone within the first two days, but I'm feeling sluggish.

          Then again, I think I've always felt sluggish...I can't pinpoint the reason why. I've tried all sorts of gimmicks.


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            I have one cup of strong, quality coffee every day, but I can definitely tell if I don't.


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              i can do the coffee or i don't do the coffee, this does not matter to me. i take weeks off sometimes, then drink every day if i feel like, then stop, and like this my coffee life goes.