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  • Motivation

    I've been fucking up lately! I was pretty good for a little over a month, but then in the last few weeks I've deviated several times. It's occurring to me that I probably need to be even more extreme. Once I start making small deviations here-and-there, I open up a whole can of worms. It'll probably be easier if I get really strict on myself and strive for a high degree of consistency.

    So, with that said, I'd like to ask if you guys have any tips and/or advice when it comes to staying motivated?

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    Personally, I like to put up copies of my "before" picture everywhere.

    In the fridge, on the fridge, inside cupboard doors, my purse, my wallet, sun visor in the car - you name it.

    No one else liked it (my kids, 6&9, "JEEZ mommy? HERE? PLEASE!), but man did it make me think twice about eating or buying crap.

    My before picture is absolutely the most HORRENDOUS "before" picture I've ever taken.

    TINY bikini, harsh flourescent lights, bad hair day, and all bloated and dimply from drinking a oil drum sized quantity of wine the
    night before.

    Anyway, that's what works for me. Good old fashioned humiliation, and the thought of ever being "there" again, pretty much makes
    me want to puke.

    Great appetite control.



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      You too? LOL I think it happens to most folks at sometime no matter what we try to change. I have made it known to my coworkers and friends
      what I have been doing...of course they figured something was up when I lost all my initial weight. So they manage to help keep me from delving into the office cookies, donuts or candy dish.
      So now what to do with the alone times....? I try to keep focused, like what I see in the mirror and how I got there and I don't kill myself over failures.

      Good Luck!
      Living the dream, inside a myth


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        It happens. Sometimes things are unavoidable. Some times laziness sets in. Just realign your path and its all good.
        My name is Matt and I am a Beef Jerky Wizard.