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grassfed meat question

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  • grassfed meat question

    As I have been learning lately, it is very hard to find grassfed meat in my area. I have two questions on the matter. 1.) does anyone have any tips on how to locate the Waldo of the dead animal world? and 2.) if it does turn out that I live in a vacuum void of grassfed ANYTHING (I mean, I guess I shouldn't be surprised, I live in the freakin' CORNhusker state), would it be better to eat standard grocery store meat, or just go full-on veggie, and get my fats from eggs and nuts and such. Thoughts?

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    Prescott Frost, a descendant of the poet Robert Frost, greatgrandson maybe, raises grass fed beef in Nebraska

    Prescott Frost
    Grass Fed Beef Restaurants


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      No to the full on veggie, eat regular meat, supplement with fish oil and eAt salmon, wild caught or farmed when you can.

      Omega6-Omega3GraphFix.jpg (image)


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        Thank you both! Scott - That's cool, I didn't know about him! He's about 5 hours away from me, though, not sure if it'd be worth it to drive! Adrianag - Will do. I didn't know just how bad cornfed meats were and if it was just worth it to forgo them altogether if I couldn't find a reasonably priced selection. I appreciate it!


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          Eat Wild - Nebraska
          Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )


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              Same question but different problem. I can FIND the grassfed meat but can't always afford it. Same with pastured butter vs "regular" butter. Do I need to lay off the regular butter or is it still okay? And I heard I should go easy on the fats/skin from commercially-raised animals, is that correct?