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  • Staying on track???

    Well, I get a day or so under my belt, then I end up falling off the wagon hard.

    After the first day or so, I start dreaming of a 'cheat day' my mind starts racing through all the different crap I can eat, drives me crazy.

    So what are some tips I can use to help myself stay on track.

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    Either you want to be lean and healthy or you don't. Only you can decide.

    There is a huge difference between talking about how to do something and getting it fucking done.


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      Are you hungry on your 1 primal day? You may need to eat more or overeat on primal foods until you get over your food addictions or thoughts of being deprived. I know I ate a lot of primal treats and higher carb than I am now. It helped me get over my sugar addiction. I would also say, "I want to be thin and sexy. X is only going to make me fat and not sexy.". Somedays are better than others. I was happy as long as I only ate primal foods, even if some of them were in the grey area.

      It gets better. Stick with it. It can take a long time to really make the change.
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        Just keep trying - it does get easier. Have some good primal munchies you like around so that you can avoid the chips, cookies and ice cream. A frozen banana will fill in for ice cream (peel it first of course). I used to eat lots of almonds - crunchy and satisfying. Make your own beef jerky - really good and easy to do - got the recipe off of this site. There are many ways to make primal versions of things you crave and with time, your habits change and you stop craving the junk. In the beginning I avoided grains and legumes but ate a lot of less than perfect primal stuff. I just kept trying and got better. Don't skip meals or you can set up for a binge. Be kind to yourself - you are doing a great thing here! Most people (adults anyway - kids will keep trying til they get it) give up when facing a challange when what they really need to do it just keep working at it.


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          I find night time snacking to be my crutch.

          I always wanna grab a salty snack and a sugary snack to go with my evening TV shows/Movie. Not sure if its more of a habit, or a craving or both?

          But I do obsess on it quite a bit.


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            I squashed cravings with bacon. I know, I know, its kind of the running joke in some threads, but its got an element of truth to it! Seriously, if you're finding you want something when you sit down to watch TV, sit down with some bacon and eggs. You'll enjoy it, you're eating better food, and the cravings will go away. Any time I'm feeling deprived of something, I squash it with something really delicious instead. Steak with sour cream and horseradish for example. Brussle sprouts fried in bacon fat, mmmmmm.

            I find I can eat much more luxuriously now than I ever could before going Primal. Right now, my go to food seems to be eggs, lightly salted, with some smoked paprika. Bacon helped me get here, and now I eat less of it as I find more and more foods that help squash cravings. Sliced tomatoes on top of thick sliced fresh ham, with some fresh cracked pepper is another outstanding snack I'm leaning towards lately. Be creative and make sure you have good food on hand, you'll get through.
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              Originally posted by darkfault View Post
              Well, I get a day or so under my belt, then I end up falling off the wagon hard.

              After the first day or so, I start dreaming of a 'cheat day' my mind starts racing through all the different crap I can eat, drives me crazy.

              So what are some tips I can use to help myself stay on track.
              I've been asking myself how to stay on track a lot lately...

              Basically, I was pretty good for a month, but then followed it up with a few unhealthy weeks. I'm not sure if any of the stuff will be helpful to you, but they're some ideas I've been kicking around:

              - Be fairly extreme, since habits are crucial. The more consistent you are, the easier it becomes (even if that seems counter-intuitive) because "We are what we repeatedly do." Once you go all-in, you may eventually quit dreaming about cheat days and cheat foods, since they're not even an option and you haven't had one in so long. Maybe I just have an addictive personality, but I notice the more I do unhealthy stuff, the more I think about it. For example, when I was pretty strict for several weeks straight, I rarely thought about beer, liquor, and ice cream. Contrast that with the last few weeks, where I've allowed myself to indulge in this crap and have started thinking about it much more frequently.

              - Take a look at ChickenTuna's website called "blunkers." Maybe even read it every couple days. She's far from primal, so I wouldn't expect too many people on here to agree with her when it comes to the details of diet and exercise (and I don't either). With that said though, I think she has a great philosophy on getting-in, and staying-in, shape.

              - Use pictures of yourself (past or present) for motivation. They can be good pictures, or bad pictures (whatever helps keep you motivated).

              - Look at pictures of in shape people from both sexes. I know this one is a little cheesy and a little vain, but it seems to give some short-term motivation. I don't know about you guys, but when I see a CK men's underwear ad, I really wish I had a body like that. Similarly, when I see a female swimsuit model, I wish I was on a similar level of shape/attractiveness.
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                The first few days are always the hardest.

                It would help if there was a paleo religion. If some religions can resist bacon, resisting grains should be a cinch.
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                  Originally posted by Laconophile View Post
                  It would help if there was a paleo religion. If some religions can resist bacon, resisting grains should be a cinch.
                  LOL! Well put!


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                    Any type of change is difficult. Embrace the change. For me it meant starting out slowly by just eliminating sugar and HFCS before I went completely primal/paleo. For others it was easier just to jump right in. Picture your goals, design your path and embrace it!
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                      I am still new to primal, but have low carbed for a few months and before that I was a vegetarian for 5 years (to be supportive of my 12 year old dd). I have found that when taking on an eating convention that is different than what you are used to, it works best if your focus is on what you get to eat as opposed to what you have opted to omit. So in the case of primal, steaks and roasts and fresh, in season, bright, colorful veggies and coconut in all its permutations and well you get the picture. If it feels like a lovely extravagance instead of a chore to eat the way you have chosen and you take the time to truly enjoy the flavors, then when you do an occasional "cheat" you will realize that most of those foods don't taste as good as you thought they did.

                      I would search out primal/paleo recipe sites and blogs that include photos. Even if you don't bother to make some of the more complicated recipes, you will have a visual to replace the vision of "all the different crap you can eat". Good Luck, stick to it!
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                        Wow, all good suggestions, keep em coming


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                          No food or alcohol after 8pm on weekdays.


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                            I found cashew butter to be very helpful in the beginning - especially when I craved sweets. It tastes sweet to me, and feels like a treat, but after one spoonful I couldn't even THINK of putting another thing in my mouth. Very filling.
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                              I find that so many "normal" foods are downright sweet to me now. It's really AMAZING.