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Primal hurricane provisions

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  • Primal hurricane provisions

    Hey guys! So, the DC area is only supposed to get sideswiped by Irene, but I'm pretty confident in a power outage so I'm looking for suggestions on primal-friendly foods to stock up on when I go to the store later. We're definitely going to hard-boil a bunch of eggs and bake some sweet potatoes ahead of time. Any other ideas?

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    Jerky. I would precook some roasts and cut into chunks/slices and possibly freeze it. Canned coconut milk.
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      I should also specify: items must be able to be procured from Trader Joe's or Giant, as these are the only places that will be open/accessible tonight.


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        Bottled water &. Protein powder. This can sub for a meal in a pinch, doesn't require cooling/heating and if you add coconut milk it can be kinda tasty.
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