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  • primal effect in future

    didnt realy find a good topic.
    anyway, right now im suffering from a knee injury and my doctor said i need to lose weight to put less pressure on it.
    i figured the best way to lose weight while being unable to do any type of excersice is be on primal diet.
    the thing is, im recruited to the army in few months, 3 months if the knee injury will heal by then, or like 6 months if not.
    i know that being primal changes your body to burn fat instead of sugar, but as far as i know the army food is basicly alot of carbs, and there is alot of excersice (i plan to go to a very combat unit so it will be very intensive even after basic training), so my question is, if i go primal now, will my body be able to change itself back to burn sugar, when im recruited to the army?
    or if i go primal my body will have problem with the sugar burning process?

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    I wasn't primal when I went to basic training, but I did notice that I could no longer drink juice, as the sugar would give me a stomach ache.

    Your body will adjust as best it can to whatever you throw at it. You do not want to be the guy in training who has a special diet, unless you really need one. After you finish your training you will be able to control what you eat a lot better, typically.

    I've been in the Army for over 11 years. PM me if you have any specific questions.


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      There have been some threads about basic training. You will need more carbs so eating more will be fine. During training, avoid wheat as much as you can without making a fuss. Go for other things like potatoes and rice when you have a choice. Between now and then, I would avoid doing a highly restricted diet. Some folks on primal seem to live on grass-fed beef, coconut and avocados. Have some wheat, beans, etc. each week so that the basic training diet doesn't throw your digestion for a loop.

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