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    Hello! About three months ago I began eating Primal and really believe it works. I did not start primal in an attempt to lose weight more or less to create a life-long healthy eating plan for myself. When I first began, I really tried to eat only one serving (1/4 cup) of either blackberries or blueberries each day (typically for breakfast). However, I love fruit and have found my fruit intake begin to creep up again to 2 or 3 servings a day. I crave fruit with my breakfast and I find myself snacking on blueberries or having an apple in the mid-afternoon. If any fruit lovers like myself have any suggestions on how they cut back on fruit and have any suggestions on good primal snacks that would be very appreciated!

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    If you're not having any negative effects from it, why cut it? Are you gaining unwanted weight?


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      I like fruit a lot.

      I cut it out, though. Mostly just to make things easier on myself. I honestly didn't miss it that much as soon as I allowed some relatively carby-er veg like onions, and also drank as much stevia-sweetened herbal teas as I wanted. I'm only going to bother adding it back in now because I just have no energy for exercise on just vegetables and no fruit. I think having it earlier in the day is a good plan, too.

      Also? Technically, botanically.... cucumbers, tomatos, avocados, olives and all kinds of peppers (bell, hot, you name it) ARE fruit.

      Good snacks to replace fruit-centered ones would be... hm. Hardboiled eggs with spices and raw cut up veggies. Actually, seaweed makes a pretty fun snack, and it has like, zero carbs and calories. Bull kelp, dulse and nori are all good.

      A really great snack is some tuna, lettuce, sprouts and cabbage with salt, pepper and just a pinch (careful! lol) of cayenne pepper wrapped up in a sheet of sushi nori. If you want some fat with that, add some avocado or cut up olives. But I think snacks should be relatively light, just so you can eat more of them if you want and still not go overboard with the calories OR the carbs.

      If you like sweet snacks, you can try making meringues with vanilla extract or cocoa and stevia. I know you can also get orange oil extract, so you could make orange-y ones... all for basically zero carbs. I think there's like, 1g carb in 3 egg whites.

      You could also check out the primal recipes tab on the main page for snack ideas. Or do a forum search.
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        Fruit is delicious! I'm still trying to lose though so I'm not doing any carbs until lunch time. After my salad I might have a small bunch of grapes or an apple. I allow myself frozen berries after supper every day but started using a measuring scoop because the helpings were getting bigger and bigger

        I've cut back my banana intake to only the times when I have a protein smoothie but if I'm having the smoothie for breakfast I skip the banana and add an egg for thickener instead.

        I have had the occasional slice of watermelon, peach or fresh strawberries but try really hard not to get out of control. Summer is the toughest time to cut back on fruit because it's all so good!
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          I love fruit too, especially berries. I cut them completely a few weeks ago when I stopped snacking. Once or twice week I will have a small piece of fruit with my breakfast, or in the evening instead of dinner (I generally don't eat dinner). So by get rid of my snacking I eliminated most of my fruits. Now they are more of a treat.


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            Originally posted by Diana Renata View Post
            If you're not having any negative effects from it, why cut it? Are you gaining unwanted weight?
            I'm with Diana on this one. Fruit can be very good for you -- especially berries. If eating them isn't giving you any problems, I wouldn't stop.

            Oh, and a suggestion for a good primal snack: blueberries or blackberries.