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Healthiest U.S. populations?

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  • Healthiest U.S. populations?

    What areas of the US have the overall healthiest populations?

    I haven't been nearly everywhere, but just by my totally non-scientific layman personal observation of body type, Boulder, Colorado has to rank pretty high and Cleveland, Ohio must rank pretty low. We were in Boulder for a few days last week and the lack of obesity in the general population was pretty visibly low. My sometimes primal wife, who is about 15lbs overweight, remarked that she felt really fat there. We stopped in a few places on the drive back East, including Cleveland. The difference between Boulder and Cleveland was remarkable in a very bad way for Cleveland. Where I live now in the DC/Baltimore area is sort of in between. If I relocate I want it be somewhere more like Boulder. Equating obesity with general health, where else in the US are people generally really healthy? I know there was some recent press on obesity levels among the 50 states, but I am interested in personal observations.
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    That is why there is a show "Hot in Cleveland" Yep, in Cleveland, I am hot and gorgeous. In California, not so much. LOL!


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      I spent two months in Hattiesburg Mississippi for work over this summer... and the people there on a whole were the most unhealthy I have ever seen. Everyone seemed to be overweight if not obese, smoking was very prevalent, "All you can eat" was standard on all restaurant marques, and I could not find a single walking/jogging path.

      Thank goodness for the University of Southern Mississippi ROTC obstacle course. It was my favorite place to workout during that time.
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        Obesity levels are linked pretty closely to poverty, actually. Find poor people, and you will find fat people. Mississippi is the most obese state.
        In your journey, you went from the most fit state in the country to the 13th most obese state.
        Obesity rates by state


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          If I remember right Colorado as a whole is ranked as the healthiest state in the country.... One more reason I love Colorado... The culture pretty much forces you to be in shape.


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            Again based solely on personal observation of residents of DC, as opposed to the surrounding areas, I am surprised to see DC as the second most fit state/territory in the country.
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              Yeah but no beach in Colorado
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                Originally posted by Scotty View Post
                Yeah but no beach in Colorado

                If Colorado had a beach I would probably never leave the state.


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                  Iowa City, Iowa ranked pretty high in the last year or two as being one of the healthiest cities according to Men's - would rather be in Colorado.
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                    I am a Colorado Native and I can't ever bring myself to move away! My trick is just to make/save enough money to get to the beach elsewhere periodically Get my fix then get back here.


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                      Originally posted by brighthorse View Post
                      That is why there is a show "Hot in Cleveland" Yep, in Cleveland, I am hot and gorgeous. In California, not so much. LOL!
                      "Yeah, we're all model's west of the Allegheny."
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                        Austin, Texas (I used to live there) is always near the top of such lists. Interestingly, Houston, Texas (used to live there, too), even though it is just two hours away, is one of the fattest cities. Houston's got more all-you-can-eat buffets per capita than any place in the world.

                        But I would have to say New Orleans is the unhealthiest place I have ever personally visited. It's not at all unusual to see 400-pound people there.
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                          Boulder and Colorado in general are consistently highly rated in U.S. health surveys and, according to United States of Obesity: Fattest States Ranking - 2011, Colorado is the only state with an obesity rate below 20 percent. Boulder is a very "health conscious" town by conventional wisdom, boasting probably one of the highest rates of vegetarianism. You also have to consider that Boulder CO is where University of Colorado is located. 25,000 undergrads in a city of 100,000 tends to skew statistics.


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                            found this chart on one of those sites

                            Body Mass Index (BMI) by Country

                            its a a chart for bmi average by country

                            apparently the whole US is overweight, but on the plus side, pretty much the rest of the whole world is too
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                              Originally posted by Scotty View Post
                              . . .
                              I haven't been nearly everywhere, but just by my totally non-scientific layman personal observation of body type, Boulder, Colorado has to rank pretty high . . .
                              Funny - a few months ago, GQ magazine declared Boulder to be a worst dressed city that looks best naked.

                              The 40 Worst-Dressed Cities in America: Style: GQ

                              . . .This town is always obnoxiously flaunting its "fittest-place-in-the-country" awards, and you will be hard-pressed to find one person here, including your 85-year-old grandmother, without a six-pack. It is, in fact, a worst-dressed city that looks best naked. . .