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    hi, i kinda have a problem eating steak or some other fatty meat at daily basis.
    i kinda have to stick to slim chicken breast but i think il still be able to get hold of some steak 2-3 tiems a week.
    yeasterday for example i noticed i didnt had alot of fat, i ate 300g~ chicken breast and some big ass salad and later 5 eggs and some salad and this isnt alot of fat.
    can u guys give me tips on how to get more fat in the days i cant eat fatty meat?

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    Coconut oil by the teaspoon, I do 3 daily!


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      Butter in eggs, butter on veg, butter in everything.
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        Do you eat avocados or put olive oil on your salad? Do you use coconut milk? These are 3 easy ways to add fat to your diet that don't involve eating fatty meat or steak.
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          i did put some olive oil in my salad.
          maybe il add some butter to stuff i eat, it should work


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            Bacon grease works well too.