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acne and inflammation whenever i eat anything

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    Originally posted by ozbuckley View Post
    I also find this approach by Paul to oppose some other gut healing methods such as the GAPS diet which eliminates anything starchy. It does allow some fruits though so there are some similiarities i guess. Just interesting (and a little confusing) to see info that contradicts each other.
    Maybe it's not really so much that the methods are contradicting but that there's actually just different methods for healing from different types of bacterial infections of the gut. Low carb ketosis might starve and eliminate one type of bacteria in some other guy's gut, while in mine that just makes it worse and I have to eat starch to help prevent overgrowth.

    It seems to me though that the most common causes of gut dysbiosis across everyone, at least in relation to acne, are:
    • Eating too much sugar
    • Eating too many PUFA's
    • Not eating enough SAFA's and MUFA's