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    If I don't have any bad reactions to dairy in general, but my goal is fat (not necessarily weight) loss, am I better off not having butter, heavy cream in my coffee, & some raw milk cheese? I understand the Primal view on dairy in general- I'm strictly asking about weight loss. Will it help me with my goals or would I be better without it? Or is it just something that depends on the person? I've been using grassfed butter the whole time I've been Primal, but I just recently added in heavy cream & cheese. Not a lot- just to get in some extra fat. I don't mind coconut or almond milk in my coffee if I should cut out the cream, but it's definitely not what I prefer.

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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    Dairy is considered a growth promoter, and is quite insulinogenic, despite having a low GI rating. Generally, people run leaner if they cut out dairy items. In your case, I think some superbly high-fat cream and butter are totally okay, but when one starts venturing into the milk and even yogurt categories, issues may arise.

    Self experiment? Consider the elimination diet technique.


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      Yeah, I've had full fat yogurt before & I think I'm gonna try some raw milk just to try it. Then I'll go from there. Thanks for the info.