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Loosing weight to fast? Help? Or am I ok?

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  • Loosing weight to fast? Help? Or am I ok?

    I started out 3 and a half weeks ago at 232.7 lbs.

    I am eating no processed foods (except protein powder), no grains, no legumes.

    Diet consists of cultured dairy, coconut oil, fish oil, olive oil, berries, salad with all sorts of vegetables, meats, and steamed vegetables.

    I am down to 215.8 as of today. That is almost a pound a day. I am really concerned I am loosing to much weight to fast. I just can't seem to put more food down. I am doubling up on the protein powder in the morning.

    Should I be concerned or is this fairly normal. I am not terribly active trying to get the inflamation and weight down to start looking past just walking and stretching.

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    I lost at about the same rate for a month or so. After that, I went down to about 2 pounds per week. I wouldnt worry about it. Your body is just getting rid of all of the unnecessary crap that's inside.


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      I'm not a nutritional expert or doctor, but I'd say if your body is receiving solid nutrients from eating whole, unprocessed food, and you're hard pressed to get any more food down and not starving...Good to go for now.

      You should get some semi-heavy lifting in there, and keep walking!


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        what's your goal weight?


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          I'm 6'0" with ultimate goal weight around whereever my waistline gets down to 34 inches or less, I am guessing 170 to 180. I'm more interested in health and function that getting ripped. Spent too many years sick with digestive problems.


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            Losing these much weight frequently is not a good sign. The way your are using to lose weight is good but losing one pound weight in one day is nod good. In my opinion consult to doctor about these .


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              I lost 14 lbs in my first 3 weeks on Primal as well. If you feel fine, then it is just normal water/weightloss for this program. Don't Worry for now, just keep eating well.
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                I thought the same thing when I started last year. I even posted how I was losing weight so fast. I believe a lot of it is water weight from lower carbs and less sodium from not eating as much processed food.


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                  Probably 5+ of those lbs were water weight. So lets say you lost 12 lbs of fat, that's about 3.4 lbs per week, which is on the higher end of sustainable fat loss but it isn't a dangerous amount. These are your 'noob losses' (like noob muscle gains but for fat loss), so it wont last long, so enjoy the effortless fat-loss while you can.
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                    Thanks for the input. I feel a lot better. I just want to continue loosing fat, but not muscle.