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  • Fish Oil Dosage Question

    Hi all! I have a question regarding fish oil supplementation. I am trying to determine how much fish oil I need to take to reach the holy grail of the 1:1 O6:O3 ratio. I have already cut out all excess O6 in my diet but I am not eating grassfed. My question is this. Most fish oils have say a 1000mg dose, but then say something like 300mg omega 3 fatty acids per dose. What number then, should I be adding up to determine my total omega 3 mg intake from the fish oil to compare up against the mg of O6 I am consuming? Your help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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    I'd say go with the grams of omega-3 (300mg). Unrefined fish oil also contains saturated and monounsaturated fats. Take sardine oil for example: Nutrition Facts and Analysis for Fish oil, sardine

    Per 13.5g, 4g is saturated, 4.6 monounsaturated, and 4.3 is PUFA, the majority being omega-3.

    Also, it may not be necessary to get a 1:1 ratio in your diet. I think I read somewhere that 3:1 is alright. It's also important to limit total PUFA as I guess you already know since you said you limit omega-6.

    Keep up the good work!


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      Mark wrote about this 2 weeks ago, he said you can start out on a higher dose of O-3s, then step down a bit as your body adapts to your new foods, and I guess if you ever get a chance to eat grass-fed you def should be able to cut down. I take 9 capsules daily, but plan to cut down to 6 daily after 3 months on PB.


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        Thanks for the help!