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Flaxseed confusion

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  • Flaxseed confusion

    My usual breakfast is 40 grams flaxseeds, 40 grams almonds, 30 grams pumpkin seeds ground up in a coffee grinder and mixed with a vanilla protein shake (made with water) and a generous handful of bee pollen grains.
    I thought that this was great breakfast but now have concerns about flaxseeds and I don't soak the almonds.
    Can Mark or anyone help?

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    Flax is evil. It affects your thyroid, thus hair, nails, metabolism....horrible stuff for you.


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      Here's Mark's take on flax
      Flax Seed and Prostate Cancer Risk | Mark's Daily Apple

      The omega 3s from vegetable sources are not very absorbable by the body so they can't be substituted one for one for animal sources. Almonds are high in both carbs and omega 6 regardless of soaking.
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        I would say that perhaps once a week is fine for a brekky like that, but otherwise too much omega-6 for my tastes.
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