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  • carrots or butter?

    Hey all!! Im pretty new to PB (less than a month) but tried Zone (albeit not too seriously) leading up to this.

    There are some days when I'm "done" with my eating, and I get to 8pm and I'm starving...we're talking growling here. What do I eat? I tried eating fat one day (is that right?) and ate some coconut oil on a spoon. Afterwards my heart started racing like I had a shot of espresso and felt a little ill, granted, I wasn't hungry though.

    So when you're hungry and your C/P/F is done for teh day, what do you eat?!!

    Also, I do CrossFit 3 times a week and then walk or go for an easy bike ride 2x a week with one full OFF lazy day. I'm trying to shed the last 5 lbs of BF but DONT want to feel drained during workouts. I've been getting stronger, but slower and I feel just tired during fast workouts.

    Help!! Do I need some carrots or more grass-fed butter? THANK YOU!!!

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    You should eat most of your food towards the end of the day. It's natural for you to be starving at 8PM.

    And tell us what is actually your c/p/f intake.. and how many calories are you shooting for?

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      Why&#39;d you pick carrots? That&#39;s random. lol

      Really, though...if you&#39;re hungry...just eat. Meat/veggies..whatever

      I&#39;m not sure what you mean by your eating is "done" for the day. Unless you mean you don&#39;t eat after a certain time.

      To which, I&#39;d ask...why?

      If it means you&#39;ve met your "alotted numbers" for c/p/ might be that:

      1) you need to space your meals out more


      2) just eat.

      you don&#39;t have to go overboard. and more protein/fat would be the first options.


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        I also used to experiment that heart-racing effect when eating pure coconut oil. I don&#39;t do that anymore hence no effects. I think it might have something to do with the way our body reacts to coconut oil or any kind of pure fat for that matter as an extra shot of energy.

        If you&#39;re deciding between butter and carrots, I would go with butter because it doesn&#39;t have any sugar or carbs if you&#39;re sensitive to that. But why limiting yourself to those choices? What about grabbing some leftovers and eating until you&#39;re full? Nice piece of stake? Maybe a hamburger? Maybe even a fried or boiled egg or something like that.


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          @the coconut oil thing: This could very well be a die-off reaction, as coconut oil has great anti-microbial properties, so it could actually be something candida related. But I wouldn&#39;t necesarrily say that&#39;s the case, try some other fat, maybe butter or lard and see if you react similar.

          But apart from that I wouldn&#39;t try to eat something like oil that has just fat in it. I personally think it would be better to just get a mixed source of food, so basically I would just eat more of whatever you&#39;re eating usually.

          Edit: Oh, and boiled eggs would be my recommendation too. You can&#39;t go wrong with eggs and it&#39;s a nice snack.


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            I second madMUHHH&#39;s boiled egg recommendation. Or how about a small handful of nuts - a perfect blend of f/p/c.

            I&#39;ve had the same issue with coconut oil, if I eat a huge tablespoon I get that kind of reaction, hot flash, racing heart, nausea, it&#39;s very strange. If I have just a little bit, like a teaspoon, I seem to do okay but it&#39;s not something I&#39;m making a regular habit. Not wanting that reaction.


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              You shouldn&#39;t really be hungry after dinner unless you&#39;re staying up really late. In that case, I opt for cheese slices... sharp cheddar.

              What are you eating for dinner.


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                That&#39;s so weird that the coconut oil does that to some of you too!! whew, glad I&#39;m not faulty!

                What I meant by "done eating" was that my protein was at 105-ish (I weight 132 & need to lose another 2lbs), my carbs were 75 or under and my fat was around 100. So is it okay then to eat more protein or should I just eat fat then?

                So a good example of all this is today. So far I&#39;ve had 68F/32C/112P and 1,202 calories and its 8pm. Truthfully, 19 of those carbs were from milk in my coffee. I know that&#39;s probably no good, but milk doesn&#39;t seem to have ever given me any issues that i&#39;m aware of.

                Anyway, this is the breakdown of my day:

                6:30am 4oz skinless chicken thigh, 1 tbspn grass-fed happy butter

                9:00am Medium decaf latte with whole milk

                11:00am 1.5oz baked wild salmon

                1:00pm CrossFit workout

                2:00pm 2.5oz baked wild salmon

                4:00pm medium decaf coffee with whole milk

                5:00pm taught a 20 minute upper-body class

                5:30pm tuaght a 20 minute lower-body class (hey, it wasn&#39;t MY idea to break up body parts!!)

                6:15pm 4 oz skinless chicken thigh, 1 little bag baby carrots, 3Tbspn unsweetened dried coconut flakes

                I feel better today, but my muscles felt a little more fatigued during my workout than I&#39;d like and yesterday was a rest day. And I know I&#39;ll be hungry when I get home at 9:30pm. So I know I have wiggle room in my carbs and certainly in my fat category but I dont want to go and have more protein right?...maybe I&#39;ll have some coconut milk and wild blueberries!?!

                Maybe I&#39;m just not eating enough? Or enough fat? how do you work that in? That sounds like a stupid question when I read it, lol, maybe I need blaring confirmation that its okay to put TWO tablespoons of butter on my meat!? I still have a mental issue with eating ONLY meat or meat with butter! (However, it IS really yummy!)

                People keep mentioning steaks dripping in butter, but how MUCH butter?!

                BTW, thanks everyone for reading my ramblings and helping sort this (me) out!!


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                  1,202 calories? Are you serious?

                  You&#39;re starving, hon.

                  How big are you? Not that it matters, unless you&#39;re TEENY.

                  For comparison, I&#39;m female, 5&#39;3", 118 lbs, very lean and active, maintaining easily. I eat at least 2,000 most days, often up to 2,400.

                  Sample day:

                  Breakfast -- Large spinach salad with 6 oz salmon, 2 oz walnuts, 1 apple, about 1/2 cup fresh cranberries, and olive oil and lemon juice for dressing.

                  Lunch -- Chicken breast slices and a couple hardboiled eggs, maybe a few olives.

                  Dinner -- Hamburger patty (no bun) with mushrooms and onions sauteed in butter, half an avocado. Sometimes half an ounce of 85% chocolate, or some whiskey, for dessert.

                  I also have several cups of tea with generous splashes of coconut milk throughout the day.

                  Lots of fat. Lots of protein. Lots of calories. Lots of heavy lifting. Lots of moving slowly. Some sprinting/tabata. Some muscle endurance/gymnastics (crossfit style). As much sleep as I can manage (7.5 hours, usually).

                  Looks like there&#39;s room in your diet for more fat. Coconut milk, avocado, nuts, olives, eggs...all are more satisfying options than just cooking with a bit more butter.

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                    Without going through the entire thread, I&#39;ll vote carrots sauted in a whole stick of butter. Sounds yummy to me right now. Ohh... carrots AND apples sauted in butter... and maybe some bacon too.


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                      Your "day of food" was seriously depressing to read - sounds really boring and bland to me. Here&#39;s how I&#39;d shake it up a little.

                      6:30am 4oz skinless chicken thigh, 1 tbspn grass-fed happy butter If you want chicken for breakfast, eat it WITH skin. Don&#39;t measure your butter - just be generous. COOK it in the butter. Don&#39;t like...poach your chicken and then measure out a little pat of butter. That&#39;s sad. Maybe shred the chicken, put it in an omelet with bacon, onions, and cheese too...mmm.

                      9:00am Medium decaf latte with whole milk add a handful of nuts or a boiled egg or some celery with almond butter

                      11:00am 1.5oz baked wild salmon Why? This is like...a bite. If you&#39;re hungry, EAT. Maybe a nice 4oz-5oz serving, broiled with some butter or olive oil, lemon squeezed over. Maybe add some spinach sauteed in bacon grease. See how veggies can = more fat? Mmmm. Satiation.

                      1:00pm CrossFit workout

                      2:00pm 2.5oz baked wild salmon again, if you&#39;re hungry, make it a meal. If you&#39;re not hungry, don&#39;t eat. I&#39;m guessing if you actually ate a real serving of fish with some fat-coated veggies at 11, you&#39;d be good to go at this point.

                      4:00pm medium decaf coffee with whole milk

                      5:00pm taught a 20 minute upper-body class

                      5:30pm taught a 20 minute lower-body class (hey, it wasn&#39;t MY idea to break up body parts!!)

                      6:15pm 4 oz skinless chicken thigh, 1 little bag baby carrots, 3Tbspn unsweetened dried coconut flakes again, why with the skinless? Make it skin-on. Crisp it up in a pan first (skin side down) then bake it in the oven with the fat rendered from the skin drizzled over it - it&#39;s AMAZING. Why a little bag of baby carrots? Why not steamed carrots tossed in olive oil? Or sautee some carrots in coconut oil? Veggies = fat-carrying mechanisms. Mix your coconut flakes into some full-fat yogurt or a spoonful of nut butter.

                      I&#39;m sorry to be all mean about your food (I&#39;m really just trying to offer ideas). I just LOVE food so much and your day made me so sad... everything seemed so naked and dry, boring and bland.

                      And yeah, at 1200 calories with 3 workouts in one day, no WONDER you were hungry when you were "done eating." If I&#39;m sitting on the couch all day (5&#39;6", 125 pounds) I can eat at least 1600 calories a day and maintain my weight. With regular exercise, I am around 2000 with some days up around 3000, no joking.

                      Stop trying to separate your carbs/protein/fat. Enjoy them as they were meant to be enjoyed - together. Not separate but put together (skinless chicken + butter, or vegetables next to a piece of coconut) but TOGETHER (chicken with the fatty skin on it, vegetables tossed/cooked in oil or butter).

                      Eating lots but still hungry? Eat more fat. Mid-day sluggishness? Eat more fat. Feeling depressed or irritable? Eat more fat. People think you've developed an eating disorder? Eat more fat... in front of them.


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                        FNW - great suggestions! It&#39;s always refreshing to escape here to the forum and see women eating real food and plenty of it.

                        Little Napping - You don&#39;t have to eat meat or meat with butter only. That approach is the 2-week introductory period to Atkins (though some on here are full-on carnivore).

                        FNW gave you a lot of great suggestions...use veggies as a vehicle for your fats, cook with the skin on, and eat real full meals.

                        Some other thoughts, instead of using whole milk in your coffee how about heavy whipping cream or half-n-half? Maybe try some blueberries in the evening with cream or coconut milk and some chopped up nuts. Talk about a flavor explosion. Also a nice addition to breakfast.


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                          FNW, I don&#39;t think it was mean at all. Very good advice there.

                          Little Napping, its okay to put TWO tablespoons of butter on my meat! It&#39;s OK to melt a hole stick of it and dip your meat in it too

                          Don&#39;t sweat it so much! The great part about Primal diet is that it teaches you to eat when you hungry and to stop eating when you&#39;re full. If that means eating 1 lb of prime rib for breakfast and not being hungry the rest of the day, then be it. No need to measure things out by the oz if you don&#39;t have any health concerns. You&#39;re trying to loose 2lb? Well, come on...don&#39;t sweat your daily eating routine for 2 lb. You might very well be starving your body right now by limiting yourself to only 1,200 and that&#39;s why it&#39;s so hard to loose that last 2 lb. Or maybe your body doesn&#39;t need to loose it at all. Perception is different than reality, no matter what they say


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                            OMG, thank you for the reality check! I laughed so hard to see your posts starting, "Seriously?" and "oh that is so depressing."

                            Without trying to defend my lameness too much; I used skinless b/c I was lured in by "boneless skinless chicken thighs" for only a buck-fifty a pound. Boneless is easy to eat on the go. Also, I browned them in a sautee pan with butter, topped with butter and lots of garlic and herbies and finished in the oven. They were really good. The salmon I bought at a healthfood store and was also nice an herbed. I use carrots b/c they travel so well without much packaging. I usually leave at 630 in the am and dont get back until 9pm and am busy or on the road most of the day, so I dont always find myself in a place where I can sit down with a meal. But I&#39;m slowly rearranging my habitual schedule to blend better with PB.

                            "1.5oz baked wild salmon Why? This is like...a bite." hahaha so true. I was starting to get hungry, but didn&#39;t want a belly fully of salmon while I was workin out, so I took just a nibble

                            So when I got home, post 1200 calories I ate some coconut milk w/ blueberries and extra coconut oil. Then some tea, then here&#39;s the kicker that got some odd looks from the fly on the wall...a nice chunk of good cheese that I used to swipe up all the crumbles at the bottom of the roasting pan after roasting some turkey. haha take THAT pita and hummus!

                            I know 2lbs sounds pathetic, like why am I all a-twitter over it. I want to do a competition in january and I have to weigh in UNDER 131 to make my weight class. Otherwise the prescribed weights for my class jump an uncomfortable amount!


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                              Wow, you don&#39;t have much time then Well then, may I suggest Fat Fast? A lot of people on this forum tried it and swear by great results.

                              The concept is to be in ketosis for couple of weeks to let you body melt some fat off. In order to do that, you basically eliminate all carbs from your diet and stick to protein and fat. So no salads, fruit, vegetables, or coconut milk (because it&#39;s pretty carby).

                              This might do the trick for you to help loose that last 2 lb quickly. Don&#39;t stick to that fast for too long though because it might just get too boring after a while...or it might not