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I guess this is nutrition based... Water question

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  • I guess this is nutrition based... Water question

    I'm not talking about retaining it, or sourcing it, or anything like that... I'm talking about Drinking it!

    I've always been one of those people who drinks a lot of water. I'm really active, live in a hot climate, and also do a lot of singing which is one of those things that begs for hydration. This is day 12 for me of eating Primal, and... I'm getting really thirsty and dry when I sleep. Is there something about this way of eating that makes a person need to drink More? Has anyone else have this same experience?

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    How much water are you consuming daily on average? I am 240lbs and drink as much as 1 gallon plus a day. If I am playing tennis in the hot GA heat then that can be doubled as well. I don't feel any more thirsty since going Primal, plus all the veggie you eat there is a good bit of water in those as well.


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      there are a lot of different opinions about how much water to drink on here. there's no real answer other than drinking as much as you need to stay hydrated. that might mean 1/2 a liter or over a gallon. if you're thirsty, drink. if you're not thirsty, drink or don't don't really need a lot of water, and you'd have to drink an uncomfortable amount to have it harm you, imo.
      there are days when i'm home after work and the sun is setting and i suddenly realize that i haven't had a sip to drink, and there are days when i feel like i'm traveling to a water fountain constantly. i haven't experienced a difference between the two days, and i don't think there is much of one. just stay hydrated to a self-satisfaction level and you'll be doing far better than trying measure and make sure you're drinking a specific amount.


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        I drink if I'm thirsty and I don't drink if I'm not thirsty. If I feel dehydrated in the morning, I have a glass of water and go on my merry way.
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          Ok... I think some of you might be misunderstanding me. I'm not looking for a specific amount to drink, or a formula. I've just noticed myself walking up in the middle of the night Very thirsty, which is new and I was wondering if it was something anyone else has experienced when switching to primal eating. When it happens, I take a few sips of the glass by my bed and go back to sleep. It's just an unusual happening and it has me curious.

          To answer a couple of things, I keep myself well hydrated during the day just by drinking water when the urge hits me, and the amount of veggies I eat now hasn't changed much from before. I've been eating a decent lot of veggies for the past few years. If this is unique to me that's ok, but I tend to geek out about nutrition stuff so I'm curious about all of the little changes.


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            Could be that you're eating more salt with the primal food- fats, proteins, etc tend to go along with salt. That could make you thirstier. There's also some water bound up with fruit and other higher carb stuff, you wouldn't be getting that anymore.

            I don't know if this is scientifically supported, but there's anecdotal reports about people feeling bloated by cheats on grains or sweets, so they can make you retain water. PB will make you retain less, so that's more water you need to take in.

            Could be the humidity too, depending on where you live. When I go to drier climates, I'm a lot drier in every way, including thirst.

            You could be just using up a lot of water in digestion, if you're eating less quick carbs and more fiber-based stuff and protein. That's more work to digest. Even if you're not really eating more veggies than usual, you're probably eating LESS quick-digesting food. Same thing.

            Could be a lot of things.
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              I've found similar over the past few weeks. I started eating close to a primal diet about 3 1/2 weeks ago (and went fully primal a week ago) and I've found that I get more thirsty. I've always made sure that I drink plenty and I used to probably get about 2 litres or a bit over. Now I think I'm drinking 3 plus - particularly when I'm in the office and I'm very concious of keeping a full glass next to me. I also find I wake up thirsty so have started keep a glass or water bottle next to the bed. It's gotten a bit better recently (less thirsty in the evenings and at night) but I still find I go through a lot at work but that may be due to the air-conditioning which I've always found dehydrating!

              One thing that I did do about a week ago was to actually increase my salt intake and I think that has helped. The theory being that I don't add salt to anything when I am cooking, and as I'm now not eating any processed food I'm reliant on naturally occurring salt in my food. If you don't have enough salt in your diet, your body doesn't retain the water you are drinking properly and it passes straight through you. Maybe have a look at your diet and see if you are getting enough? Too little salt is as bad as too much so you need a balance to make sure you are retaining the right amount of water and that you have the right salts in your body. I don't take a lot - a few grains of natural rock salt with a glass of water. If you think that might be it don't swing too far the other way!

              My other theory is that I'm reading thirst for thirst more now - rather than hunger. I used to always be hungry so I would drink plenty (as I knew I needed to) but also eat a lot. I think that now I'm reading "hungry" correct and therefore not mis-labelling thirst.

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                I found this:

                Short Term Effects Of A High Protein Diet | LIVESTRONG.COM
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