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Soybean or Canola Oil? Help Me Compromise for Now

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  • Soybean or Canola Oil? Help Me Compromise for Now

    Hi all,

    My wife is Chinese and not Primal and insists on using small amounts of some sort of oil in cooking. She is not keen on coconut oil and I have educated her not to use olive oil for cooking.

    That being said I see my choice basically is between canola oil and soybean oil. I understand canola is too processed and may include transfat. So please educate me and suggest how I might compromise.

    She does not use very much oil, but enough to be a topic into the future.

    I am presently 80% primal with tofu and edamame in my diet, but no flour, sugar, grains (except oil I guess), dairy, or peanuts.

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    Extra virgin olive oil is absolutely fine for cooking. Coconut oil is better, sure, but there is nothing wrong with cooking with olive oil. Studies have shown that it holds up very well to heat due to the very high MUFA content, and even better if you infuse it with herbs like rosemary, thyme or oregano. You shouldn't store it out in the open like coconut oil and you shouldn't reuse oil or heat it to smoke point, but for sauteing and occasional frying, it's fine IMO and one of the best oils to use. In fact, Mark recommends to use pure olive oil (instead of extra virgin) for higher heat deep frying if you can't find something really nice like clarified butter, beef tallow or avocado oil. Olive oil's smoke point is actually higher than coconut oil FYI.

    This is what I do for cooking in the following order:

    1.) Coconut oil of course. 90% SFA's, heat stable. Obviously, if your wife doesn't like it, that's out.
    2.) Render your own lard. I cut the fat off my pork loins and render that into lard. Bacon grease works well, too.
    3.) Extra virgin olive oil for sauteing or light frying, pure olive oil for higher heat. I don't buy pure olive oil, but I almost never deep fry. I wouldn't buy anything below pure olive oil grade - stay away from light and extra light olive oils IMO. Too processed.
    4.) Good old butter. This is sauteing only as it is 20% water and you can't deep fry with it. I don't care to go through the trouble to make ghee.

    I use olive oil more than any of them because I prefer the taste. I have a heat gun and I will heat my extra virgin olive oil from 350-375*F when I sear meat. It smokes around 380-385*F according to my gun, so be aware. I find Boticelli extra virgin olive oil IN THE GREEN TIN (I prefer my olive oil in tins to keep the light out instead of glass) to be a great quality, readily available, reasonably priced olive oil. Shop Rite frequently has 64 fl oz tins on sale for $9.99. It's a no brainer.

    I would rather eat smoked olive oil than cold-pressed canola oil. I'd rather eat motor oil than soybean oil.
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      I use olive oil for cooking when I can't get find coconut oil.


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        Thanks guys.

        I found and I am reading this:

        Defending Olive Oil’s Reputation | Mark's Daily Apple


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          Is All Olive Oil Created Equal? | Mark's Daily Apple


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            Part of the problem with olive oil is also that she is not crazy about the taste ALL the TIME. So what about Light Olive Oil in a tin in the fridge? I'd have to find it for sale around here, but how would that be health-wise??


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              But I'm pretty sure LIGHT Olive Oil, is LIGHT because it has LESS of the good fat in it. So, be aware.


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                I use olive oil for cook and I would add that I would lose the tofu as well.


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                  Use virgin olive oil to cook. It has a higher smoke point than extra virgin.

                  Perfectly fin for typical Chinese stirfrys.


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                    Originally posted by kivawolfspeaker View Post
                    But I'm pretty sure LIGHT Olive Oil, is LIGHT because it has LESS of the good fat in it. So, be aware.
                    Light olive oil is a mix of pure olive oil and extra light olive oil. Extra light olive oil is super refined down to what is basically vegetable oil. Its fatty acid profile remains, so it's still not as bad as canola or soybean, but all the good antioxidants that protect the olive oil from light and heat and provide us with all kinds of good nutrients are removed. When you cook with light, you're basically buying the light beer of olive oil - you're paying for water, and you're losing all the healthful benefits of the real thing.

                    If your wife seriously can't handle olive oil or coconut oil, she needs to start making changes to her diet so her tastebuds change. The only thing I can tell you to do is to start rendering your own clarified butter at this point.

                    How to Make Clarified Butter | David Lebovitz

                    I recommend doing several pounds of butter at once so you have plenty to go around.
                    Don't put your trust in anyone on this forum, including me. You are the key to your own success.


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                      Light olive oil is just lighter in colour and is made from oil from later pressings (as compared to extra-virgin, which is from the first pressing). The fat profile is similar but there are less MUFAs, That's why it's more heat stable for cooking. It also has less olive oil taste, which can be a benefit if you're making mayo.

                      ETA: Also, what ChocoTaco said!
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                        I can't handle dairy very well, so that's not for me, but thanks.

                        Still confused, but I will continue to work through it all.


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                          Does she not like the coconut oil because of the flavor? If so, try expeller-pressed. It doesn't have the strong flavor like the extra virgin does. Also, there are other options besides olive and coconut oils. Maybe try avocado oil or macadamia nut oil.
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                            What about good old LARD? Do Trader Joes or Whole Food carry lard that might be good? She might be ok with lard.


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                              How about something like macadamia nut oil? Almond oil isn't perfect, but it's easier to find and cheaper.