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A Beginner's IF Experiment

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  • A Beginner's IF Experiment

    I am 36yo male of low-moderate activity that is around 250 lbs from a top weight of 330-350 (not sure) and I have been eating primal for probably around 1.5 months.

    As my weight loss has stalled lately and I am trying to get a grip on portion sizes (I always think I am overeating as I can eat a LOT), I decided to confront my phobia/anxiety about fasting by trying it out on Sunday. I ate breakfast and fasted from 7AM to 7PM. Around 5PM I felt really uncomfortable and light in the head and cranky. I had some amino acid pills and a TB of coconut oil and I felt comfortable enough to wait until my wife made dinner at around 7:30PM.

    I also did my first sprint workout Sunday morning.

    Today I feel somewhat thinner-feeling, which is nice.

    Any thoughts? Thanks

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    Also, I am less afraid of fasting and I plan to do it again next Sunday.


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      IMO, this will happen in the beginning. Kind of like starting out with Primal eating... You will experience the low-carb flu symptoms. In time your body will get used to not eating for a certain amount of time (give it a couple of weeks), and your Grehlin will reset itself... But in no time, you will find that you're not hungry as often as you thought you were/should be.


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        I find it much easier to fast by skipping breakfast, then you are asleep for most of the fast
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          Originally posted by NurseMama5 View Post
          I find it much easier to fast by skipping breakfast, then you are asleep for most of the fast
          Same here. I would also advice being more experienced with fasting before adding strenuous exercise to those days. Sprinting in particular is very demanding (or it should be!) so you probably experienced the light-headedness partly as a result of that. I would never eat soon after a sprint, because sprinting releases HGH which burns body fat. I would wait at least one to two hours but I probably wouldn't follow a sprint with a very long fast.
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            Learning the difference between real hunger and psychological hunger takes some getting used to when you're first learning to fast. I learned to relax and know that I can go a really long time without eating if I need to and that skipping any given meal is really no big deal.