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    Hi i have been doing this paleo diet for a wile and also trainning crossfit , but im having trouble i thought i would lean down but still build lean mussel . i seem to be fading away , shirts that were tight and now loose . what am i doing wrong im eatting huge meals of meat and veg
    Is this correct? because i never felt so healthy but my body is looking so diffrent in all the wrong places

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    Track your macro nutrients for a few days and (GASP!) your calories. I felt like I have been loosing strength so I looked at a few of my usual eating days. While my fat intake was good (I didn't feel hungry) my protein was way too low for me to build/maintain muscle. I was only eating about 40 to 50g of protein. I should be eating around 80g. I also found out that I was only eating about 1200 ~ 1400 cal a day. I'm trying to up that by 500cal. I know a cal is not just a cal, I'm burning fat, but my strength is suffering for it. So yeah, track your nutrients. Make adjustments. See how it goes.

    Edit: That 500 more cal is definitely going to come from meat! Mmmm meat.
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      How much fat are you getting?
      Crohn's, doing SCD