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  • Primal for 12 year old

    My 12 year old wants to cut the grains from her diet. I'm totally supportive in that! But I've been having trouble finding things to feed her.

    She has no problem eating fruits and a decent variety of veggies. Heh, if she wanted to go vegan we could probably make it work, lol! It's the protein we have problems with.

    She will eat bacon but (gasp!) actually removes the fat. She says she doesn't like the texture. So she ends up not eating very much.

    She will eat chops and steak, but again removes the fat.

    She'll eat hamburers (sans bun).

    That's it for meat. She won't eat anything with fat or gristle or that "looks weird".

    She loves salmon but eating that every day is out of our budget. She likes sardines, but only when she's in the mood and she hasn't been for a few weeks (I think she's like me - I crave sardines more in the winter - probably a vitamin D thing).

    She'll eat cheese but only those mozarella cheese sticks.

    She used to eat eggs but hasn't lately

    Anyone else with picky(ish - she used to be worse) kids who want to go primal? This might have been easier if she was a lot younger but at least she's not as picky as her younger brother.

    My problem is that she's eating mostly veg and fruit and says the food she's eating isn't filling and she's hungry more often than not. I just want some ideas for protein heavy foods that other kids/teens have enjoyed or things I might not have thought of that I can try out.

    Last night at dinner she suggested I buy hot dogs. I'm ok with every now and then, but I obviously don't want her eating those every day


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    Tuna, Chicken,Turkey, Sausage, Bison (leaner than beef and very tasty), ham. If worse comes to worse i take whey protein shakes once in a blue moon! As a teenager my main protein has been fresh lunch meat (unprocessed) from my local grocery store (Central market); mostly turkey and chicken.

    sorry i didn't see that she doesn't eat other meats..

    Try nuts, tofu( if your willing … i don't eat it), greek yogurt,
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      If she eats bacon, chops and steak, the protein probably isn't quite as big an issue as fat... but you could probably try tacos/wraps, using lettuce instead of the tortilla, and pack that with meat.. if it's texture that's the problem, have you tried cooking the fat in different ways? ie. crispy versus not? Some people don't like the texture when it's less cooked. You can also try supplementing with nuts for that extra bit of protein/fat, or shakes/smoothies.

      It could be she's hungry all the time because there isn't enough fat. Have you tried avocado, cooking in oils, etc? It sounds like she's still in the beginning stages, it might take you guys a while to find a good, easy medium, but I'm sure you guys will. =)


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        Sorry, I forgot, she does eat chicken! But not the skin. Not so much turkey. She used to eat lunch meats when in sandwiches but now she won't eat them. I tried making her lunch meat roll ups using all the same condiments she used with her sandwiches but she didn't care for them.

        Fiona, you're probably right it's fat, not protein that's the issue. She drinks whole milk and I've taken to putting some heavy cream in it, but most of the time she drinks water, which I'm happy about, so I don't want to push milk all day long. But I've been giving her that for breakfast at least.

        With the bacon, she said that when I cook it firm, the fat is ok, but then the meat is yucky and when I cook it wobbly, the meat is good, but the fat is yucky, lol! I can't win ;D (well, except when I'm eating her leftover bacon fat - yum).

        She'll eat nuts. I'll try more of those. She used to love avocado sushi but won't eat plain avocado. Go figure. She is getting more adventurous with age, but she's still a kid and relatively picky.

        We're having pork chops tonight and I'm sure, like in the past, she'll cut off all the delicious fat and just eat the meat. She does like veggies stir fried in olive oil or bacon fat, but she won't try butter on anything so when I boil a veg (like carrots) she eats it plain.

        Honestly, she's a dream as far as CW goes, lol! Avoids fat, eats lots of fruit and veg, doesn't eat much meat. I didn't push this on her at all, but she watched Fat Head with me and she's seen how much healthier her dad and I are since we started this 4 months ago, and so she's decided to try it. She's already noticed that her belly is smaller with no grains (she's not fat, but she had a grain belly) and even though she's hungry more often, I think she's feeling better in general. I think she's like me and sensitive to grains but young enough that she isn't yet having all the problems I had. If she can get off them (or at least down) this early in life she will be well served health wise. I'd love it if she can avoid all the problems that run in my family. I'm doing so much better off grains, but after 4 decades of eating them, I still have a long way to go to be healthy. So yeah, I'm excited that she's doing this

        Thanks for the ideas, I will think more on it.


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          If she likes what she's eating, I don't see any problems. I think kids & teens are way more intuitive about their eating than adults. At some point we start over thinking things. If she likes lean meats, stick with those. For added fats you can always do those in the form of butter on veggies, coconut products, or heavy cream (whipped & combined with fruits for dessert works.)


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            If she wants hot dogs, the uncured ones from applegate farms are fantastic, fully primal, made with grassfed beef and spices, that's it.


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              Does she like butter? I just give my kids chunks of butter through the day. Usually kerrygold
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                I agree with it being more an issue of fat than protein. Does she like ice cream? I make ice cream or frozen yogurt for my daughter 3 or 4 times a week, using heavy cream, coconut milk, or greek yogurt, mixed with whatever fruit she feels like. With the fruit, that's all the sweetness you need.


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                  Would she drink smoothies? Check out some recipes because you can throw in an avocado, coconut milk, whey, egg yolks (no whites). So she can get her fats and her proteins


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                    No worries if she cuts off the fat. I do too as I dont like it either. We don't have to go overboard with the fat as most suggest. A good amount of protein, some fat and some good carbs even starchy ones if your daughter likes them.
                    What about guacamole or or salsa that you can make from the avocado?


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                      Coconut oil.
                      full-fat Greek yogurt.
                      Full-fat milk.
                      Quality full-fat cheeses (mozzarella is usually made from skim milk).
                      Cottage cheese.

                      Cook things in fat so she can't cut it off- eggs, veggies, lean meat, etc.


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                        What is it with this love affair of fat? You don't have to cram your daily diet with fat. If someone is obese or trying to lose weight we up the fat and lower the carbs but don't need the same protocol for someone not in this position.


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                          It's very clear that she isn't eating these foods because she thinks she will be thinner without them. Give her some information showing her why she incorrect.


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                            Originally posted by Sue View Post
                            What is it with this love affair of fat? You don't have to cram your daily diet with fat. If someone is obese or trying to lose weight we up the fat and lower the carbs but don't need the same protocol for someone not in this position.
                            You're so right. I see people here practically chanting "Fat! Fat! Fat!" What's with the fat obsession? I, for one, feel plenty full without too much of it. The concept of not being fat-phobic seems to have morphed into fat obsession. Like with most things, if some is good, more doesn't always mean better. Slight additions are just fine but I think if the girl really doesn't want/need it, why push it?

                            Originally posted by SteakNchop View Post
                            It's very clear that she isn't eating these foods because she thinks she will be thinner without them. Give her some information showing her why she incorrect.
                            Not necessarily. My sister has trouble with the taste and texture of animal fat. She really can't tolerate it and was excited and happy when she actually had a craving for marrow bones. Some people simply don't like it.


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                              Diana, I so agree with you. Also, I don't like to eat the fat unless its very crunchy. Its just a taste thing.
                              I don't think OPs daughter isn't eating the fat because she believes she will be thinner.
                              OP, is your daughter eating starches - maybe they will fill her up if she is still hungry?
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