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  • Help putting on weight

    Hey primal folk,
    I have been reading a few other posts about weight gain, but feel I still need a little help.
    I'm a skinny guy 130 lbs / 5'7 XS t shirt size and 28 waist.
    I would like to gain weight (not put on muscle) but still be healthy, I don't do alot of exercise since my job involves me sitting down 7 hours of the day - and no, there isn't a chance to get up and walk around other than my lunch hour. This does make me worry about my joints etc, I do try to walk every night after work and when ever I can. (would be appreciative if someone can point me in the right direction for 'light' exercise)
    I have reached the point where I'm getting concerned over my t shirts not fitting well, and never being able to find clothes that 'fit', I also feel that it would be good for me to put on a few pounds.
    Is there any 'faster' way of helping this along. Please bare in mind I'm just a normal 9 -5 guy who needs easy meals and easy drinks.
    I don't eat breakfast in the morning, and I know alot of you will say that, that is the problem, but I don't feel hungry to stuff myself in the morning.


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    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, to ignore. Don't worry about missing it. First off you'll have to realize that you're not built with a large frame so you should be realistic with just how much muscle that you'll be able to gain and the speed at which you can put on muscle is largely connected to your genetics. That being said some key points to keep in mind to progress at the optimal speed for your body are:
    1- Make sure that you're getting enough protein. For you this currently means at least 130g per day.
    2- Do the right workouts. Start off with major compound movements, this means squats, deadlifts, shoulder presses, bench presses and pullups. You could honestly get ripped and healthy just doing those, but it'll be almost impossible if you don't do them.
    3- Make sure that you know how to work out. Yes this might seem foolish but most people get it wrong (at least most who don't pack on weight). Find a weight at about 70% of your 1 rep max for that movement and move it until you can't anymore AND KEEP TRYING TO MOVE IT. You don't need to do multiple types of exercises on the same muscle groups to get proper muscle fatigue, you just gotta push the first exercise as far as it should go.
    4- Measure your progress by the increase in strength, not size or body weight. How much mass your body puts on to adapt to higher and higher resistance is all genetics and there's nothing you can do about that. Just focus on a steady progression of strength and allow your body to build the way it was programmed to.
    5- No cardio. Just no.
    6- Allow for proper rest. Taxing your muscles by going back to a certain type of exercise too soon can completely halt the production of excess muscle tissue meaning that you're completely blocking any gains you might have made had you just sat at home and cooked a steak instead.
    7- Be realistic 1-4 pounds of muscle gained a month is good progress. Anything over 4 pounds is completely unsustainable and really anything over 2 pounds is down to genetic advantages. If you start gaining 2 pounds each month that's an additional 24 pounds in a year. That's about 20% extra you in one years time which is actually a ridiculously impressive improvement.
    "You can demonstrate the purpose and limits of human digestion with a simple experiment: eat a steak with some whole corn kernels, and see what comes out the other end. It won’t be the steak."


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      Eat more fat.. Avocados & Olive oil & nuts.. I personally take olive oil shots when I'm trying to a gain a little, & eat @ least 1 whole avocado a day.. also, maybe some dairy.. I personally eat quite a bit of full fat, low sugar yogurt every day.. Also, whole eggs.. I eat 6 per day..

      Don't look to gain weight too quick.. Look to put on 2-3 pounds a month.. Be patient with it..

      Lift heavy, sleep, rest.. no cardio.. Calm down.. relax.. Slow down that fire burning up calories in your body.. You have to do the opposite someone looking to lose weight.. Calm down & maybe become more sedentary.. rest & take a nap when you can.. Rest may be the balance you need to put on some size & retain nutrients & calories..

      Again, eat more fats.. Good fat.. Worst case, slam some olive oil each day.. Also, coconut milk.. Great for post workout (in my opinion & experience)


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        Lift heavy things, and feed yourself as much as you need.
        Walking is also good for you. Add a weighted rucksack for additional muscle building.

        You can't gain muscle unless your body needs it, and the only way it knows that it needs to add muscle is to exert yourself lifting heavy things.


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          Thanks for all your great suggestions everyone, I shall start putting them into practise.