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  • Help! Please Check My Diet.

    Hey guys, I need to borrow some of your experience and wisdom. I've been eating mostly primal since March. In these five months, my weight and overall body comp have not changed one bit. This was surprising, because I came off a serious carb addiction, especially coming off of marathon training (race was in February). If I give you some details about me and a snapshot of a normal eating day, can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

    ME: I'm a 6'5" male, around 193 pounds, and 37 years old. I've exercised regularly for a couple of years, doing P90X type stuff, then running. I had just gotten into CrossFit when I ruptured my FHL tendon in my foot. I had surgery a week ago, and it will be a long, slow recovery. So, exercise is limited for now, but this is recent so doesn't impact what's been going on since March. My last body comp test was almost two years ago, when I was at 13%. I figure I'm around 13-14% now. I have a lean build with a soft, gooey center. You can definitely pinch a few inches of loose skin and goo off my torso, but I look fit and lean with a shirt on. Every drop of my body fat is packed onto my mid-section.

    DAILY FOOD STATS: I maintain a macro breakdown of around 50-30-20 (fat-protein-carb); I eat around 2000 calories a day and my carbs are usually in the 80-100g range. I have practically no grains, but sometimes have breaded chicken or a handful of tortilla chips with dinner.

    - 6:15am: Shakeology health shake from Beachbody with coconut milk and almond butter
    - 10:00am: Apple
    - 12:30pm: Mixed salad with a half pound of beef or turkey; 1.5 (total) ounces of walnuts, almonds and pecans with a small handful of semisweet chocolate chips
    - 4:00pm: Quest natural protein bar (Google it; they're fantastic)
    - 8:00pm: Half pound of chicken or beef; MAYBE a few chips; two 72% dark chocolate squares

    My one real vice is diet soda. Other than that, I'm locked in pretty solid to this routine. It doesn't seem like much food considering my size and activity level, but my body hasn't changed one bit, which is extremely frustrating! I want the gut outta here! I've tried IF, but I'm generally really hungry in the morning and feel like crap if I go till noon with no food.

    Any thoughts?

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    I would suggest changing breakfast to something like bacon and eggs. I would also skip the apple and protein bar. Snacks between meals sometimes prevent weight loss from what I have read.


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      Try sticking to real foods. The shake and the protein bar could be questionable. If you don't have time for a sit-down breakfast, do what I do and make some hard boiled eggs the night before. I usually put the steamer insert into the pasta pot and steam 6 or 8 at a time, so it works for a couple of days worth. Put just enough water in to not reach the bottom of the steamer, cover with a lid, turn on the flame, set the timer for 20 minutes. Cover the eggs with cold water when the timer goes off. I can't remember who taught me that, but it was someone here, and it's got to be the best way to hard cook eggs I've ever tried.

      Primary thing, though, is the diet soda. It really messes with you. Your body preps itself for an influx of sugar, then doesn't get it. Wreaks havoc with your metabolism. If you don't do anything else, ditch that. It sucks, but it's worth it.


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        I should have mentioned that the shake and bar are all natural. No junk at all--I'm a label junkie. The shake is the healthiest thing I eat all day!

        And I've actually ditched the soda in the past for months at a time with no change at all in how I look or feel. It's like my body is stuck and I can't find the right button to get it going again.


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          If the Shakeology shake is made from whey protein, that can spike your insulin even sans high carbs. That combined with an apple a few hours later, and you could be starting off your day with not ideal insulin levels. I'd also reconsider the nuts. They are notorious for stalling weight loss. I do almond butter maybe once a week (usually mixed with coconut butter), and no more. They are high in omega 6 anyway, so they aren't really doing you any favors eating them every day. So to my untrained eye, I'd say lose the apple and nuts, and eat a meat or egg protein source at breakfast instead of the shake.

          The diet soda, you've gotta get rid of that. There's a theory that just the taste of sweetness causes your body to prepare for ingesting something sweet, so even if you're not drinking sugar, your body reacts like it is. And Nutrasweet is a neurotoxin, just bad stuff all around. I was a Diet Coke addict for years, and kicked that habit 2 years ago. Green tea with stevia can bridge the gap, and G.T.'s Kombucha is good for when you want the fizz.