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    Hi guys and gals,

    I just had hip arthroscopy surgery for a labral tear in my hip. It's very painful and sucks to not be able to move much. I have some questions for you regarding nutrition and supplements during this recovery time where I will be quite sedentary.

    As far as diet goes should I look to cut back my food consumption a bit. I am lean 5-11 ft and 160 pounds. I want to stay lean and not put on unecessary bf but also want to heal. The past day or two I have had my mom feed me three times throughout the day with each meal containing 5 oz of meat, a plate full of veggies and a tablespoon of oil. How do you think this looks? And will it be enough?

    Also, as far a supplements go, what kind of dose of fish oil would you reccomend? I have the liquid carlsons finest. And are there any other supplements, remedies, or nutritional things I can be doing to speed the recovery, and keep me lean??

    Thanks in advance! Look forward to hearing from everyone!

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    Just stay "good" with your diet, but especially for healing up your vitamin C and maybe some B100. That's what always works for me and I have been through numerous joint surgeries with more coming down the pike.
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