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sweet potato/ice no sense GI issues

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  • sweet potato/ice no sense GI issues

    so ive got quite a bit of GI issues/organ issues that im not 100 percent sure on all i know is that i used to get massive pressure crossing my entire abdomen altho sometimes it was primarily on the left side when i eat meat and a moderate amt of fat im fine no pressure...when i eat sweet potato alone i may get a tiny im thinking its a gas buildup? but what really makes no sense is that if i eat sweet potato with meat my god does the pressure come back like crazy..and i feel it all on my sides as tho my pancreas and liver are dying just from the combination...meat and rice i dont really seem to get it much..weird..and the weirdest thing is im supposedly lactose intolerant(blood specialist) and for like 2 weeks i binged massively on ice cream...and i mean like a tub in a day in one shot..and for some damn reason i got no pressure barely any bloating even if i ate it right after a meal? i ended up with rlly bad joint pain but besides that i even seemed to go to the bathroom better(stool size and shape was better) it makes no bloody sense at all