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Students Guide: Drinking whilst paleo

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  • Students Guide: Drinking whilst paleo

    Keep in mind Im just a guy who came up with this in his spare time so its not "official" or anything.
    Disclaimer: I know its far healthy and easier to not drink but for those who like hitting up the town I find there is very little info out there regarding heavy drinking whilst maintaing health / body composition whilst paleo.
    - Close to zero carb as possible (alcohol contains enough of these)
    - Minimum amount of protein at least (for muscles and satiaty, fill up on this before fats)
    - Rest of energy from healthy fats (so your not hungry and liver has no stress dealing with it, helps LS)
    - Eat till not hungry, not till full (so you dont over do it, remind yourself you'll be "eating" alot of booze later)
    - Highest omega 3 to 6 ratio possible (to reduce inflamatory effects of alcohol, take fish oil before drinking)
    - Eat foods high in choline, eggs, beef, etc (to help eliminate the toxins caused by alcohol in your liver)
    - Avoid fructose, fruits and any sugars/artifical carbs (reduces overall toxins in your liver)
    - Drink only pints and (clean) shots (these provide the least calories and health attacking bad refined carbs)
    - Avoid sugary drinks, cocktails, energy drinks like the plague! (These provide the most harmful carbs and bad calories for the least alcohol)
    - Drink to 1600kcal then stop (Pace yourself, this is magical number ie cals burnt by skipping meal the next day + TEF of alcohol + moving)
    - Skip breakfast the next day, ie half your days kcals (Restores calorie balance and gives your liver time to repair/rest)
    - Workout before drinking (will help get rid of some of the excess cals and empty glycogen stores)
    - Move as much as possible when drinking (will burn off some of the alcohol/kcals in your system)

    This is coppied straight from my notes guys so if you want anything clearing up just ask, but remember its mainly theory.
    The theory goes you usually have two meals a day. On drinking days you have your 2 meals then go out and drink (alot), the next day you skip your breakfast (half your cals) but this should require little will power because your body will still be full from the night before hence it will work long term (<will power = better long term maintanance). By skipping breakfast your skipping the extra 1000 kcals you had the night before (you can drink I guess 1600 but Im guessing 600 would be used by activity (dancing/walking/etc), thermotic effect of alcohol (read the leangains link at the bottom if your unsure of what this means), and if your leptin sensitive some through muscle atp heat or whatever its called). Also by skipping breakfast your giving your liver time to repair from all the stress of the night before and will help with leptin sensitivity.
    The carbs from drinking will probably equal 50ish so hence zero carb, the choline foods (eggs) help kill alcohol toxins in your liver, fructose also causes the same toxins so avoid them, the omega ratio is to reduce inflamation caused by booze.
    For more info there is the great leangains post on the subject The truth about alcohol, fat loss and muscle growth | Intermittent fasting diet for fat loss, muscle gain and health
    Try it out and see if it works.

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    Oh I forgot to add, try to get as much sleep as possible, sleep in if you can. Sleep is very important for your hormones and energy regulation altho having said that alcohol disrupts sleep so you may have to get the extra sleep the day after.
    Also you can keep this patern up for consecutive days drinking (I can already hear the non drinkers gasping in disqust) so say your drink thursday, you will be in excess thursday by 1000kcal, then you skip breakfast the next day and drink friday (b/c of skipping breakfast you will be maintance cal) and then you skip breaky and dont eat saturday you will be down 1000kcal for that day so overall you will be even.


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      I'd imagine some probiotics might be helpful in reducing gut inflammation - coconut oil too perhaps.

      I do worry about binge drinking's effect on the brain - i'd have to look into that - and also the other risks like impaired decision making and being around others who are cognitively bypassed. Though from your post I get the impression this is an enjoyable few drinks and not a 'blinder'.

      Did you suggest additional fluid intake if having shots?

      Also I gather that light-colored spirits have less nasties than dark ones. For get which specific nasties.

      I usually drink low-carb hard cider. The cider here is 5% alcohol or 1.4 standard drinks per bottle - about the same as regular beer - and the carb count is pretty low. Contains preservatives, but is also filling so its easy to drink much less of it than wine,
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        All very good points geekgrll thanks for contributing

        I am aware of drinkings effect on the brain, my dads an alcoholic and I will never let myself get like him, this guide is for people who say binge drink on the weekends (fri/sat) or like me at uni so drink 3/4 times a week. I will serverly cutdown my alcohol consumption when I leave uni and am concious of this now and never drink to get blind drunk...I should have added that to the disclaimer.


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          Beer makes me fat. Vodka/Sodas with a lime don't.


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            Its all in the lime Tric... its all in the lime.


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              What are the best alcohols to drink if you decide to have a few?


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                I think it goes like this:
                Spirits (vodka, whiskey, rum, scotch, etc)
                Beers (Carling, Carlsberg, Strongbow, John Smiths)
                Sugary drinks (WKD, vodka + redbull) baisically any drink that has fizzy pop or energy drink in it avoid these as much as possible b/c the high carb content to low alcohol. If your unsure try it, if it tastes even slightly sweet its already too late for you but maybe you could warn the others so your loss wasn't in vein.


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                  That list is from best (top) to worse (bottom). The best thing to do is either drink a spirit with no mixer, on the rocks or with diet soda, all these have little to no carbs. If thats not possible or you dont like that the next best thing is drinking beer, the carb content varies with different beers and some are more primal than others ie carling has a quite low carb content but I think its made from wheat(???) or something unprimal so if youve got any alergies you might want to avoid, I think strongbow and cider in general is made from apples so thats primal but has higher carbs than carling. Obviously light beers are better than beers but if you drink them your a great big girl.


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                    chocotaco posted awhile back about his drinking strategy... basically, I think it was to drink after a fasted workout to divert extra energy to the muscles rather than storing as fat, and since the body preferentially processes the alcohol first. I may have totally bungled that up, but I don't remember where to look for that post.

                    Anyway, it's clearly a very different strategy. One plus is that if you drink on an empty stomach and don't eat while you drink, you get your buzz with less alcohol. But drinking without food isn't necessarily the safest thing if we're talking about college kids.


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                      Hi sjmc, that does sound like a good strategy if you can get it to work. I have heard and tried it before but it didn't work 4 me for two reasons.
                      1. It required decent will power to fast all the way to night time and if I m using something long term I want as little will power as pos
                      2. I was pretty ill and had an aweful hangover the next day.

                      I do think its a good strategy to use as a 1 off if you can handle it. Maybe at weddings or parties but for me to be doing it 3 times a week is too much willpower. Alas everyone is diferent


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                        Whenever I drink I am insanely hungry the next morning, regardless of how much I ate the day before. I can't even imagine how hungry I would be if I had 1600 calories worth of alcohol. And alcohol royally screws up my sleep and mood. I didn't understand how people did this in college, and I still don't understand how people do it in their early twenties or even later.... I don't even consider them 'lucky' anymore.


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                          I guess everyones different, I had loads to drink yesterday (way over 1600 kcals, with sugary drinks as well) and had my first and only meal of the day about an hour ago, I felt no hunger in the time before this and Im pretty full now and probably will be for the rest of the day. My meal was 1200kcal ish.

                          Yeah I know what you mean about sleep, I never have a good nights sleep after drinking, always wake up too early then sort of feel tired for the rest of the day. I find this kinda fixes itself the day after drinking as I end up getting more tired earlier and thus going to bed early and waking up later.

                          My mood doesn't really change apart from sometimes I feel ill.


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                            I would caution about the pints: beers with higher ABV or Alc% have more sugar in them, and belgians are horrifying when it comes to sugars, they actually put in date sugar, palm sugar, brown sugar.

                            On the lower end of the sugars scale are your traditional german lagers, browns, bitters, and most dry beers under about 6% alcohol.

                            Some beers such as Ryes may have a lower effect on wheat sensitive people, and corn and rice based beers are crap. Nuke from orbit.

                            As always, beers you make yourself are far tastier and far better for you than beers you purchase, and if you must purchase, craft beers are much better for you than Bud-Miller-Coors or InBev products.
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                              A good rule of thumb is that most craft pints are about 250-300kcal, unless you bring in chocolate, and then double it at minimum.
                              My Fitday public journal.
                              Me vs. Russian Boar, hunt is on Aug. 20th. WHAT'S MORE PRIMAL THAN THAT?!
                              Recently survived Warrior Dash, New England.
                              Game Developer, ex-Chef, long time Fatbody.